Terra (LUNA): Project review, recent developments, future events, community

Terra is an open source decentralized blockchain that hosts a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) and offers advanced developer tools. Since its famous crash, Terra has been relaunched, with the original series of Terra Classic.

Terra 2.0 (LUNA) and Terra Classic (LUNC) are now two separate series that operate independently of each other. Terra 2.0 is powered by Terraform Labs, while Terra Classic is powered by the community, which took over the management of the series after the fork.

The original symbol, Terra (LUNA) was the origin of the network’s governance and governance. So, how has Terra performed since his inner blast in May?

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In an effort to regain the position it once held, Terra has become one of the most active development projects. Last week, Terra . passed suggestion To conduct the second airdrop of over 19 million LUNA tokens through October 14.

Terra also launched Terra Docs, the project’s official documentation and renamed its website. Terra Docs are built using Code Hike, a pioneering visualization technology used to display Terra’s core code.

There are also basic developer tutorials inside Terra Docs, to teach people how to build on the blockchain. Developers can now learn how to set up a file Terrainnon-fungible mint coins (NFTs) and build a file CW20 Token Factory using documents.

Random Earth Version 2, an NFT marketplace for Terra ecosystem too Launched On September 14, the launch of TFM NFT, the first decentralized exchange aggregator on Terra 2.0, gave more data to work with.

In line with NFTs, Terra recently launched Terrarity to give users a complete and detailed analysis of the markets and NFT pools. With Terrarity, users can check rare scores for NFTs in their portfolio, for sale, or in a collection.

Terra launched without a decentralized stablecoin like its original series, and now has a new stablecoin, $SOLID. developed by CapapaultSOLID is a decentralized stablecoin with collateral and fully decentralized on Terra.

September was one of the best months for Terra (LUNA) since a hard fork. The month opened at $1.8, LUNA climbed to $7.06.

Monthly price chart for Terra (LUNA). source: CoinMarketCap

Despite the recent CPI report and Do Kwon’s arrest warrant that forced a massive sell-off, Luna still traded better than it opened the month. LUNA is now trading at $2.87, gaining 4.9% over the past 24 hours.

There are also several projects under development for the Terra ecosystem. Terra users can get a new derivatives protocol that introduces new asset classes in decentralized finance (DeFi).

zodiac protocol It was recently revealed as a project that will allow a LUNA holder to split the liquidity provider’s (LUNAX) tokens into base and payout components. Zodiac protocol will the work Similar to what Prism Protocol did in the original Terra series.

Since the implosion, the Terra community has been split into two. Terra 2.0 community members refer to themselves as Lunatics, after the Ecosystem Code icon.

The madmen still maintained their confidence in the project. One user, @lunatic317, Wrote About Terra 2.0;

In response to recent developments in the Terra 2.0 series, @Kolomogrov2, Wrote on Twitter;

Reaction to the recent rise of LUNA, popular web 3 developer, Control2XY 🌗 ™, Wrote;

Terra was one of the biggest crypto projects before its collapse. Capturing the ruins, Terra 2.0 is currently in the rebuilding phase, being staged in a potential move to regain the prestige it once had.

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