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Tesla CCS Transformer

After a long wait, Tesla has finally released an official CCS adapter for North America that allows Tesla drivers to use off-brand public charging stations. The new CCS Combo 1 (CCS1) Tesla plug is now available in North America for $250.

As electric cars continue to gain in popularity, Tesla wants to advance the technology for everyone, not just itself. As a result, the company is busy testing ways to let other electric car owners Use its own charging network.

However, this means that its expanded charging network will be occupied once the new Tesla car Magic Dock Arrival And it unlocks the Supercharger network for any electric vehicle. Many Tesla owners are concerned that the change will increase wait times or overload stations, giving them nowhere to dispose of their batteries.

Fortunately, after the charging adapter was first launched in South Korea last year, the official Tesla CCS adapter is available in the United States $250 at Tesla’s website. Shipping will start in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, there is a problem, and the adapter does not work with all Tesla models.

The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is compatible with most newer Tesla vehicles, while some vehicles may require an update to ensure functionality with third-party CCS stations. We recommend checking that your vehicle has the latest available software before logging into your Tesla account to verify car compatibility.

According to the Tesla Store, this new adapter only works with newer Tesla Model 3 / Model Y vehicles, along with the latest Model S and X. If you have an older Tesla, you’re still out of luck, at least for now. It appears that vehicles older than 2020 will not work with the out-of-the-box converter.

The company will offer a retrofit solution to work with older vehicles, but we don’t expect this addition until sometime in 2023. However, anyone with a newer Tesla might want to get this adapter ASAP. Get yours from the link below.

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