Tesla showcases prototypes of unfinished robotics at Artificial Intelligence Day 2022

The Optimus prototype is shown walking at the AI ​​Day 2022 event.
Zoom / The Optimus prototype is shown walking at the AI ​​Day 2022 event.


Today at Tesla’s “Artificial Intelligence Day” event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed an early prototype of its humanoid Optimus robot, which emerged from behind a curtain, wandered, waved, and “raised the ceiling” with his hands to the beat of techno music.

It was a risky revelation for the prototype, which seemed rather uneasy on its feet. “Literally, it was the first time a robot worked without a rope on stage tonight,” Musk said. Shortly thereafter, three Tesla employees rolled a sleeker-looking Optimus supported by a stand onto a platform it couldn’t stand on its own yet. She waved and raised her legs. Later, he collapsed while Musk was speaking.

Tesla Day AI 2022 Video

The entire live robot demonstration lasted about seven minutes, and the company also played a demonstration video of the Optimus prototype walking, picking up a box and setting it down, slowly watering the plant, and moving metal parts into a plant-like setting — all while strapped to an overhead cable. The video also showed a 3D view of the world representing what the Optimus robot could see.

Three stages of the Tesla Optimus robot so far, presented at AI Day 2022.
Zoom / Three stages of the Tesla Optimus robot so far, presented at AI Day 2022.


Tesla first announced its plans to build a humanoid robot during an AI Day event in August last year. During that previous event, the human was wearing a spandex suit resembling a robot and Charleston verb On stage, prompting Doubt In the press.

At today’s AI event, Musk and his team confirmed that the walking prototype was an early demo developed in about six months with “semi-off-shelf actuators,” and that the more elegant model looked a lot like the “Version 1” unit he wanted to ship. He said he will likely be able to walk in a few weeks.

Project Optimus goals include mass production (maybe “sell millions of units,” Musk said), low cost (“probably under $20,000”), and high reliability. By comparing Optimus’s plans to robots in robots from competitors, Musk also emphasized that the Optimus robot would have to have brains on board to work autonomously, citing Tesla’s work with cars. Autopilot the system.

Tesla shared some of its specs
Zoom / Tesla has shared some specifications of its “latest generation” Optimus robot prototype.


Shortly thereafter, Musk handed the stage to Tesla engineers who provided overviews of the development of the common power systems, actuators, and mechanisms that would make Optimus possible, full of fancy infographics. “We transfer most of our design expertise from the car to the robot,” said one engineer, while another engineer said they drew much of their inspiration from human biology, particularly in joint design.

Earlier in the demonstration, Musk said they were holding the event “to convince some of the most talented people in the world to come to Tesla and help make it happen.” Musk has also emphasized Tesla’s publicly owned nature several times, noting that if the public doesn’t like what Tesla is doing, they can buy stock and vote against it. “If I go crazy, you can fire me,” he said.

After the two-and-a-half hour presentation, which also included lengthy updates on Tesla’s work with Autopilot AI, the Tesla team gathered on stage to deliver detailed answered questions from the audience for over an hour.

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