Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” beta is now available to everyone in the US

Tesla‘s Full self-drivingA host of features are now available to all Tesla drivers in North America, Elon Musk announced on Thursday.

However, there are some caveats. FSD is only available on Teslas that have the required hardware, and only to drivers who have purchased the FSD option, which currently costs $15,000 if you buy it separately. If all of these requirements are met, Musk said, drivers can request the feature from the car’s screen.

Full self-driving is a set of features that bring Tesla cars so close to perfectly self-driving that the driver enters a destination in the navigation system, and the car drives there on its own, though the driver has to be ready to take over at all times.

Originally launched as a very limited edition, the feature was later expanded for Tesla-satisfied drivers “safety points” requirements. has not been telescopeWe noted earlier today, that the latest version of the software comes without these requirements.

The news will certainly catch the eye of regulators, which We were not very happy about Tesla’s large-scale release of a “beta” version of its self-driving package, particularly one with a number of documented issues, including phantom braking Problems.

Meanwhile, Tesla has been steadily price increase from FSD, with Musk once claiming a FSD value It will “likely be more than $100,000” after approval by regulators, and it will supposedly allow owners to operate their cars. robotaccess.

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