Tether strengthens reserves and USDT gains higher in Q1 wins


  • Tether Holdings made a major financial move in the first quarter of 2023, reshaping its risk profile.
  • The company has strategically diversified its remaining bank deposits.
  • Tether has made remarkable achievements in allocating its reserves, which has enhanced its financial stability.

stablecoin giant pregnancy The holdings made a noteworthy move in the first quarter of 2023, pulling $4.5 billion out of banks. This strategic maneuver led to a significant reduction in counterparty risk, as stated by the company itself.

tether Market value It experienced significant growth, rising from $66 billion to $82 billion over the same period. However, the company’s bank deposits experienced a sharp decline, dropping more than 90% from $5.3 billion to just $481 million.

The Tether system diversifies the remaining bank deposits to mitigate losses

Significantly, Tether I managed to diversify its remaining bank deposits among several financial institutions, a prudent move that mitigated potential losses in the wake of recent bank failures.

At the same time, the company has made great strides by upgrading United State Treasury bills reached an all-time high of more than $53 billion, which is 64% of its reserves.

Tether has allocated a staggering 85% of its backing to cash, cash equivalents, and instantly liquidable short-term deposits to meet redemption requests to bolster its position. Notably, this includes $7.5 billion in repurchase facilities.

In a dazzling display of transparency, Tether unveiled its holdings of gold and bitcoin In its latest certification for the quarter. This move effectively demonstrated the company’s unwavering commitment to providing clarity and openness to stakeholders.

Tether reaches new heights and outperforms the big names

Moreover, Tether proudly highlighted its financial achievements, surpassing the profits of notable companies such as Black stoneAnd NetflixAnd StarbucksAnd Cash applicationAnd PayPal.

For months, Tether has been diligently focused on improving its financial performance, striving to boost its leading indicators. It is worth noting that the company announced its intention to reduce its reserves of commercial paper from $20 billion to $8.4 billion by the end of June, with the aim of eliminating it by the end of the year.

on the flip side

  • Tether’s shift away from bank deposits and toward treasury bills and other assets may not necessarily guarantee the same level of security as traditional banking institutions.
  • The company only recently disclosed its gold and bitcoin holdings in its latest certification, raising concerns about the true nature and diversity of its reserves.
  • Tether’s past controversies, including allegations of market manipulation and lack of transparency, may continue to overshadow its recent financial achievements and draw regulatory scrutiny.

Why should you bother

As the stablecoin operator strategically reduces counterparty risk and diversifies its holdings, it sets a precedent for Risk Management practices within the industry. Moreover, the exceptional financial achievements of Tether, which has outperformed the earnings of industry giants such as BlackRock, Netflix, Starbucks, Cash App and PayPal, proves its strong position in the cryptocurrency market.

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