The 10 most memorable points of Federer’s career

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1) Wimbledon Final 2003 – Marc Philippoussis

Distinguished Wimbledon Final 2003 Federer’s first grand slam winAnd the first time he had such a massive audience watching on TV. In the first set tiebreak, holding the score at both of them, Federer showed all his brilliance in one point: a half-volley from the baseline, wide-angle groundstrokes, and finishing with a superb forehand down the line.

2) 2005 US Open Final vs Andre Agassi

Playing somewhat against the crowd – perhaps for the only time in his career – who were behind the emotional favorite Agassi, Federer unleashed a ridiculously powerful forehand from behind the baseline at the start (around 28 seconds in the video above). The veteran American looked dumbfounded. Agassi said later from the match: “When I faced Roger Federer in the 2005 US Open final, there was no safe place to put the ball on the field. Roger’s sending, coming back, movements and playing on the net were amazing; his versatility was so powerful that he probably had five things better individually than any Another person on the tour.”

3) French Open semi-final 2009 – Juan Martin del Potro

Federer, only months later Painful defeat at the hands of Rafael Nadal In the 2009 Australian Open final, he was desperate to claim the French title to complete the Grand Slam. When Nadal was shocked by Robin Soderling in the fourth round, Federer knew this might be his best chance to win in Paris. But he ran into a huge obstacle – quite literally – at Del Potro’s 6-foot-tall and relentless ground game. But Federer used his diverse arsenal to sneak a five-set win. In the second match of the match, Federer somehow tracked a forehand and rolled the ball down the goal line for the winner. Then the Swiss maestro went to Demolition of the final surprise Söderling In the final to win his only French Open title.

4) Wimbledon Final 2009 – Andy Roddick

After a year of participating in what many believe was the greatest match ever played in SW19, Lost to Nadal in five exciting setsFederer is back in the Wimbledon final, and once again, They compete in another epic. Roddick took the first set and then led 6-2 in the tiebreak. Roddick seemed to control his lead with two insurmountable sets, and was relatively in control of the point when he fired a forehand into Federer’s feet. But Federer fired accidentally a half-back winner (about 4min 45sec in the video above) and ended up winning the tiebreak. Will win an exceptional fifth set 16-14.

5) US Open 2010 semi-final against Novak Djokovic

This list includes some points that strayed from Federer but are worth including due to their importance. Back in 2010, when New York fans were drooling over the chance of a Federer Nadal final (unfortunately, Gotham never saw them face off), it looked like it would. Djokovic missed his serve 15-40, and missed his serve twice. But Federer got both points tight and allowed Djokovic to attack (disclaimer: those two points are included as one).

6) 2011 French Open semi-final against Djokovic

Entering the 2011 French Open, Federer was in the first “stagnation” of his career, running four consecutive Grand Slams without claiming a title. All talk of the tournament has revolved around Nadal, who was knocking out three major slams in 2010, and Djokovic finally starting to play his part after a great start to the year, winning 41 games in a row, including the Australian Open. a few months ago. In a big surprise, Federer, who is clearly moving, beat Djokovic in four sets. In the final set of his victory, after both greats exchanged impressive shots from across the field, Federer somehow came with a backhand counter-attack into the line that stunned Djokovic (around the two-minute mark in the clip above) and helped seal the victory. Waving his finger in the air after the match was over, it was clear to everyone how much this victory meant to him. Although Nadal crushed Federer in the final, he did not underestimate the importance of this win.

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7) US Open 2011 semi-final against Djokovic

Remarkably, just a year after losing two match points in the semi-finals to his opponent, Federer found himself again with two match points in the same round in New York. This time he was in sending it. And this time, Djokovic came up with a ridiculous comeback to save the first match point. Then on the second point of the match, clearly shaken by what Djokovic had just done on the first match point, Federer fouled with a simple forehand into the bottom of the net. After the match, Federer commented, in a rare moment of external annoyance, that Djokovic didn’t appear as someone who “believes very much in winning anymore. To lose against someone like that, it’s very disappointing, because you feel like he’s out of it already mentally. Just get on.” Lucky shot at the end, and away you go.”

8) 2017 Australian Open Final vs Nadal

After his career was unofficially announced, after suffering physical ailments and lackluster performances in tournaments, Federer entered the Australian Open without much fanfare. The same could be said of Nadal who was also coming out of the worst period of his career. But the two did perform in Melbourne. Nadal had figured out how to beat Federer (high balls to backhand) and entered the event with a dominant record against his arch rival. On this day, Federer’s backhand didn’t go downhill. But it was his powerful forehand that earned him the match, as evidenced by this point in the third set that gave Federer a break point. Federer somehow hit a hemisphere with frightening force down the line giving him extra momentum (45sec mark above). Federer will go on to win the titlereturning from his fifth meltdown to do so, thus beginning the third chapter of his brilliant career.

9) 2017 Miami Open quarter-finals against Tomas Berdych

Well, this wasn’t a really important match or tournament for Federer (although he did win it). But it should be included because the shot is so extraordinary: a shot high in the air in the middle of the field completely fooled Berdych.

10) Wimbledon Final 2019 – Djokovic

It seemed wrong for another negative moment to end for Federer but the loss obscured this startling fact: that Federer, weeks after turning 38, an age old in the sport, was one point away from winning another Grand Slam title. Everything that unfolded against Djokovic must have been stung. Once again, Federer played the match on serve (about 40 seconds above) but went to a conservative serve which Djokovic did not seem to get away with easily. After it was over, Federer said miserably, “I don’t know how I feel right now. I just feel like it’s a great opportunity missed, I can’t believe it.”

That may be true, but mistakes like this stand out in Federer’s career because he was often close to perfect.

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