The 2022 Amazon Fire 8 HD tablet has a 30 percent faster CPU

Two years after the previous version, Amazon presents a The new Fire HD 8 tablet for 2022. Amazon claims the new model is “faster, lighter, and powered by an all-day battery.” As usual, the price is super cheap: $99.99 for the Fire 8 HD and $119.99 for the higher specs”Fire 8 HD Plus“Model. Amazon did not provide a complete spec sheet before launch, but there should be details On the Amazon Developer site In the end.

Here’s what we know. There’s some kind of octa-core SoC (possibly Mediatek), which Amazon says is “30 percent faster” than the MT8168 in the 2020 Fire 8. The base model has 2GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of storage, and MicroSD slot. Amazon promises “13 hours” of battery life, but the old Fire 8 HD got the same hourly rating from a 4,850mAh battery. The tablet charges in five hours via a 5-watt USB-C power adapter.

The “Plus” model raises the bar a bit for an extra $20. You get 3GB of RAM, wireless charging, a massive 9W USB-C charger, and “clearer photos” from an improved 5MP rear camera. The wireless charging dock holds the tablet upright and will allow it to go into Alexa Smart Show mode, just like the Echo Show. From the outside, the Plus model looks identical to the regular Fire 8.

There are also children’s versions. Amazon says the Fire HD 8 Kids is “designed for 3- to 7-year-olds” thanks to its extra-thick, durable case, while the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is “designed for school-age kids 6 to 12” with less bulky body . Kids versions come with parental controls, kick bases, a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+, and educational content. You will pay extra for this bulk; Kids tablets start at $149.99, with Disney-branded versions available for another $10.

All the tablets are ready to pre-order today at—where else? — Amazon.

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