The 9 best Apple Friday deals: MacBooks, AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad, and more.

The sixth-generation iPad mini is right in front of the iPad Air 4, showing the difference in size between the devices.  This shot is from the front, with both screens on.

Andrew Cunningham

Black Friday is in full swing, and that’s great news if you’ve got your eyes set on an Apple device but have been waiting for a solid discount to pull the trigger. Apple devices are notoriously expensive, and you usually don’t see many discounts throughout the year. Fortunately, Black Friday offers great Apple deals not only from retailers, but from Apple itself. Just like we do every year, we’re cutting through the noise to bring you the best Black Friday Apple deals we could find.

Here are some of the most valuable Apple deals we’re seeing as of this writing. As always, we focus on products that we actually recommend based on when we review them and exclude any that we don’t think are worth your money. Finally: There haven’t been any huge iPhone deals that we think are worth your time, so the focus here is on the other products.

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2022 iPad Air.
Zoom in / 2022 iPad Air.

Samuel Axon

Apple iPad Air 2022 10.9 inch for $500 ($560) on Amazon (discount at checkout)

Also in Apple for $680 $50 Apple Gift Card

These days, it’s not hard to prove that Apple makes also many of iPad models. The lineup has become complex and confusing, and some models offer better value than others. Fortunately, if you can afford it, there is one clear recommendation for the vast majority of potential tablet owners: the iPad Air.

The iPad Pro’s 120Hz display, Face ID authentication, and other bells and whistles are all nice, but not essential. And on the other end of the lineup, the new 2022 iPad sacrifices quite a bit compared to the Air, given the price difference.

The Air doesn’t skimp on the essentials: It has the fast M1 chip, support for the second-generation Apple Pencil, a great display, and solid support for accessories. It is currently for sale on Amazon 500 dollars ($60 off its usual street price), but Apple also offers it in full retail at a price $680 with a $50 Apple Gift Card Incentive.

For scale, here are the bricks and cable next to the laptop.
Zoom in / For scale, here are the bricks and cable next to the laptop.

Samuel Axon

MacBook Air 2022 for $1,050 ($1,200) on Amazon

The Mac has gone through many changes (and ups and downs) over the years, but the recent transition from Intel processors to Apple-designed silicon has made it clear that this is as good a time to go for the Mac as ever.

While many of Apple’s Macs (like the MacBook Pro or Mac Studio) are niche products for specific audiences, the 2022 MacBook Air is the Mac that makes the most sense for most people. Its M2 processor is downright faster than most desktop processors, and it was recently redesigned to update a classic laptop computer—even if at the cost of its unique identity.

You can buy the Air for $150 off Amazon ($1,050 for 256 GB or $1,350 for 512 GB) or you can Buy it directly from Apple And receive a $150 gift card.

If you need more power or a larger screen, check this out The best Black Friday laptop deals post, where we have discounts for well stocked, multi outlets The 14-inch MacBook Pro for sale to $1,600 ($400 off) and Apple’s most powerful laptop, is 16-inch MacBook Pro for 2000 dollars ($500 off).

Jeff Dunn

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) for $249 with a $75 Apple Gift Card from Apple

Also in Amazon $199 and the first generation $159 at Walmart

The AirPods are more convenient than any other wireless headphones we’ve used, they offer basic features like spatial sound and transparency mode, and the sound quality is generally not bad for the price. You can find other headphones that beat any of Apple’s similarly priced AirPods models in either sound quality or noise cancellation (although you’d be hard-pressed to find anything wirelessly handy) but as a complete package, let’s just say the AirPods have Very popular for a reason. Just don’t bother if you don’t have an Apple device to pair them with.

The best AirPods for most people are the AirPods Pro; They strike a perfect balance between price and performance. Both the first and second generation AirPods Pro are currently on sale. While both deals offer solid value, the second generation is an objectively better pair of headphones in all relevant respects, as you might expect. If you can find a use for $75 Apple Gift Cardthen we recommend constipation Apple deal for AirPods Pro 2nd generation.

Noise cancellation has been improved, as has spatial audio performance, adding to a more immersive audio experience. The second generation also improves listening time from four and a half hours in the first generation to six hours in the latest generation, while adding goodies like a MagSafe charging case with speakerphone and a built-in chip for new Find My capabilities, in case you lose your AirPods. The first-generation AirPods still sound very good, and noise cancellation is on the higher end of the spectrum compared to most earphones. So, again, if you don’t have any uses for your $75 Apple Gift Card, we can’t go wrong with saving a few bucks and getting Pros of the first generation While that.

Apple TV 4K with Apple's improved Siri Remote.
Zoom in / Apple TV 4K with Apple’s improved Siri Remote.

Jeff Dunn

Apple TV 4K 2021 64GB for $100 dollars ($130) on Amazon

Apple TV HD 2021 32 GB $59 ($99) in Walmart

Apple recently released a new revision of its Apple TV 4K streaming box, but it’s not a huge upgrade over the previous model unless you’re using a TV that only supports HDR10+ instead of Dolby Vision. With the new model on the market, though, last year’s model is mostly the same sharply At a reduced price, making it the best deal available for the live TV platform. As always, it pales in comparison to offerings from Roku and others if you don’t already live in the Apple ecosystem, but if you have an iPhone or AirPods, current discount is stealing.

If you don’t need 4K quality, that’s it Apple TV HD Also at a deep discount for the lowest price we’ve seen on a new Apple TV at a price $69.

Apple Watch SE.
Zoom in / Apple Watch SE.

Samuel Axon

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation (40mm) for $229 ($270) Amazon

Apple offers a slew of Watch models now, including the flashy new Apple Watch Ultra. But the truth is, the entry-level Apple Watch SE (available at 40 mm or 44 mm) includes most of the features that most people would be interested in. We’re not offering Series 8 or Ultra – they both have a lot to offer. If you want the healthiest heavy machine, the Apple Watch Series 8 It is the right way, and it is for sale at a price $350 ($50 off) now. But if you’re just looking for something to help you track your workouts and stay connected, the SE will do the job for a lot less money.

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