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TL; DR: lifetime license to LazyApply is the primary job application app(Opens in a new tab) Offered for sale at £56.63, saving you 55% off the list price.

Applying for jobs is extremely time consuming and stressful. It’s not just time that makes it difficult. Finding a new job after being laid off adds to an already difficult task.

when Layoffs(Opens in a new tab) It can be a source of anxiety, the thought of applying for a new job overwrought. You may be able to save yourself some time by automating the application process LazyApply application for a job(Opens in a new tab). This job search app can help you find your next job, and your lifetime subscription is just £56.63.

Applying for jobs can be exciting, but it can also involve a lot of filling in blanks with the same information over and over again. Skip the redundancy and let LazyApply do some of the busy work. All you have to do is upload your job skills, work history and other information in the app. Then, LazyApply will auto-populate your information on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. You can also use unlimited LinkedIn profile emails to reach out to new job opportunities.

Still not getting a lot of bites on your application materials? Check out our resume tips at LazyApply and see if there are some changes you can make to stand out from the crowd. It may not be your work materials that make it difficult to land a promising role. If it’s just a numbers game, you might have a better chance if you use all 150 job apps that LazyApply can manage for you every day. You can even track your application’s performance and get detailed analytics. For more additional information, you can also use our weekly advisory call to find new application strategies.

LazyApply can’t get you a job, but it can help you get an interview. Then it’s up to you to show how great you are at what you do.

Take your next job search to the next level. If you’re tired of filling out your work history when you’ve already uploaded a resume, get a lifetime subscription to LazyApply application for a job(Opens in a new tab) Software for sale for £56.63.

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