The Blancos Block Party will start live in the Epic Store – Season 1 is on the way

After months of waiting and waiting, Mythical Games’ Blancos Block Party It is now published on the Epic Games Store. Players can now download the game for free via the Epic Store.

Earlier, gaming party perseverance It announced a partnership with Epic, and it was expected to be the first NFT game on the store. but, perseverance It is still listed as “Coming Soon” on the market.

In any case, Blancos Block Party Launched on the Epic Games Store, it’s gearing up for the game’s first season opening.

Epic Store gets its first Blockchain game

The Epic Games Store Say hello to the first blockchain-based game—Blancos Block Party.

We have some exciting news today! Blankos Block Party is now available on the Epic Games Store! With this huge step, we are increasing our reach to more and more players every day! Thank you for your continued support of Blankos Block Party in Early AccessMythical Games announced in its post.

At the time of writing this report, Blancos Block Party (via Epic) Available in select regions:

  • North and South America
  • Germany
  • Africa (excluding South Africa)
  • CIS (except Moldova)
  • India
  • The Middle East
  • Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • East Asian Voice
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine

Mythical Games is awaiting maturity ratings from Europe and the UK, so players in it will have to wait a little longer. However, Blancos Block Party It can still be downloaded from the official website.

To celebrate this achievement, Mythical Games released a special trailer. But that’s not all, the new trailer contains a small teaser that hints at some upcoming Blankos.

Blancos party block inches towards his first season

After its launch on the Epic Games Store, Mythical Games is now looking forward to the launch of the first season of Blancos Block Party.

Mythical Games revealed in its latest blog that Season 1 is only two weeks away, and it looks like the week is going to be filled with celebrations and giveaways.

Get ready for the party goers – there are only two weeks left until season one! It’s never too late to join the party – assemble your crew and log in now, because we have even more exciting news and giveaways this week to celebrate our worldwide launch!Read the post.

Mysterious Atari Boxes and Heba Blanco

“Atari Mystery Box” is now broadcasting. Players can purchase chests for 1,000 “Blanko Bucks,” or $9.99. The boxes may contain any of the “Atari BlancosbongAnd the the stormAnd the centipedeor joystick. Blankos will be available until October 13th.

Legendary Games also announced two giveaways – the Atari Joystick Blanco Gift, and the Community Incentive Challenge.

Here’s a quick summary of both giveaways:

Players can get a chance to win a free Atari Joystick Blanko by participating in a mini competition. All they have to do is take a picture in front of the Atari login “The Junction”, and share it on Twitter as directed. 10 players will then be randomly selected and rewarded for Atari Blanco. Players have even September 19, 18:59 UTC to send their entries.

The Community Incentive Challenge will start in the first week after the first season has launched. By participating in the event, players will be rewarded with XP chips, blancoAnd more as the Discord and Twitter community reach new heights.

Here’s what the landmarks look like:

Target: 175K on Discord and 45K on Twitter

Rewards: 2 Gumballs and 2000 moola

Target: 200K on Discord and 60K on Twitter

Rewards: Terry Blanco For 1 winner, 5000XP chips, 2 Gumballs, 2000 moola

Target: 250K on Discord and 100K on Twitter

Rewards: Unlock the Blanko Community Giveaway Program, Terry Blanco For 1 winner, 5000XP chips, 2 Gumballs, 2000 moola

To claim these rewards, players simply have to log into the game. More details About the Blanko Community Giveaway as Season 1 approaches.

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