The Cardinals pick Wilson Contreras off the head scratching catcher


St. Louis Cardinals catcher Wilson Contreras He will not be the team’s catcher for the “foreseeable future”.

After he signed a five-year, $87 million deal to replace future Hall of Famer Yadier Molina, the Cards are staying away from Contreras for the time being.

What do you mean he won’t be hunting in the foreseeable future? Now, the team said it was “for convenience” to start the rotation, which hasn’t been so good this year.

But this is not made any meaning to me. Just when the Cardinals’ front office seemed to be pulling off one of the slickest moves you can make of the season so far, they said, “Grab my beer, we’ve got another one for you.”

Cardinals mishandling Wilson Contreras and the 2023 season

This move is clearly coming from the front office and I just don’t understand it. When it was first released, they said he’d be playing a little DH, some first bases, some outside corner, and the next day, Chief of Baseball Operations John Mozliak said he’d be more in the role of DH.

“I know [we previously said he’d alternate positions]He said, “But after talking to him [Willson]He’ll be in the DH role now, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel to get him back behind the plate.”

What does it mean? what tunnel? I created this tunnel. There’s no need for any light at the end of the tunnel, I said he wouldn’t catch in the foreseeable future.

It just seems like an excuse for poor promotion.

Well, I have news for you, Cardinals front office. Everyone knew the Cardinals pitching this year was going to be bad. You’d just hope the offense was elite enough to offset it, but this news isn’t groundbreaking.

It seems they are using contreras as an excuse for not being so good.

Willson Contreras doubles in Wrigley AB’s first as a Cardinal and taunts the crowd

Remember 2016? World Championship Champion Chicago Cubs? Their bid that year started as the fourth-best team having a run average that year. Guess who was a young rookie catcher who played nearly half of their games? Wilson Contreras.

It was great for them, and a big part of their success in that World Championship. And now it’s as if the Cardinals, in their first 30 games with him, are saying, “This guy’s not a fan.” Well, you just paid him $90 million to be your catch. Maybe, you should have had a better spin on the field.

Another great move the Cardinals made to start the year: the downfield serve Jordan Walker.

Jordan Walker had a historically good start to his career. He had a 12-game hitting streak. He was the only player in the past 110 years to start MLB His career with a 10-game hitting streak before he was 21 years old.

Astros, Cardinals, Yankees, White Sox: Which teams should you worry about?

They stopped playing with him, and his option to Triple-A. They said he needed to work on his swing. Well, let him work on it in the big leagues. my brother [Justin] Credits always [former Detroit Tigers manager] Jim Leyland for letting him struggle in the seniors. Sometimes, that meant getting up, but that had a huge impact on how his career turned out.

What does this say to Jordan Walker? For they do not believe in him, and in any sign of struggle, he can be taken down.

The Cardinals went 11-24 Monday, dead last in the NL Central, and sitting 10 games under . 500 for the first time since 2007. Sounds crazy? that it. This is an organization that is used to winning.

They may not go to the World Championships as often as they would like or make the playoffs every year, but they are always in the competition. They snapped an eight-game losing streak on Sunday and won again on Monday, with Contreras leading the go-ahead run over his former team. They also still have the reigning NL MVP, Paul Goldschmidt. But don’t worry, Cardinals fans: He might be out of the lineup soon.

Wilson Contreras needs to play some first base.

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