The Chicago White Sox dropped 5 games again at AL Central after losing 10-7 in 11 rounds to the Cleveland Guardians.

The audience of the guaranteed price field knew the magnitude of the moment José Abreu faced Emmanuel Class Run with a tie in second place in the tenth inning Tuesday.

Spread Abreu to the right of center, and score Elvis Andrews to give Chicago White Sox Hope in a must-win position against Cleveland Guardians.

The game went to the eleventh, where everything fell apart for Sox. The Guardians scored five runs in the inning and won 10-7 in front of 23242.

Miles Str 5-5 tiebreaker with two games against Jake Dickman. Stephen Kwan This was followed by a single from RBI and Jose Ramirez brought on tour with the Sacrifice Fly as the Guardians handed the Sox a devastating defeat in the MLS Central race.

Sox tracks the Guardians with five runs.

The night started with AL Cy Young Award nominee stop dylan On the Hill for Sox. He got past a few early bumps and allowed one to run a four-stroke by three stroke and three walk in six innings.

He got defensive help from the second baseman Josh Harrisonwho made amazing plays – one on salmon and one on soft lining – for the robbery Amid Rosario of two injuries.

The range Cease allowed came in a second. Andrés Giménez started the half with a chopping piece to the left. AJ Bullock He faltered while running for the ball, and Jimenez finished in third with a triple. Score on the sacrifice fly to the right Austin Hedges.

Bullock played a role in helping the Sox take the lead in sixth.

Andrews led the half with one. He stole the second, a call that was confirmed after a video challenge by the Guardians. Yoán Moncada walked in and the Guardians exchanged starter Aaron Civale for the lodging Nick Sandlin.

Abreu was injured by Sandlin’s first throw, as the bases were loaded for Eloy Jiménez, who tied the match up with one in the center.

Vaughn hit, and Bullock brought to the plate with the bases loaded and one out. Bullock bumped into a coach for second place that looked like it was going to be the final double play.

Jimenez threw the ball to Rosario for strength in second place, but Rosario’s throw crossed the goal first. Owen Miller. Two rounds were scored during the sequence to make it 3-1.

The Guardians took advantage of the back-to-back walk to start the seventh round to tie the match.

Kwan drove in one run, and with two runners and two runners on the corners, Ramirez crashed a deep runway into the pit immediately and overpowered Andros’ throw at the start. A run was scored on a field strike, and the game was tied at 3.

Rosario tried to break the tie by scoring from second place Josh Naylorinferior hit. Andrus stopped diving in the outside turf and threw it onto the board. catcher Sibi Zavala The mark applied, and Rosario was called to finish the run.

He seemed to beat the mark, but the guards were unable to challenge, having lost their sixth inning review.

Naylor’s singles RBI and fly sacrifice to center by Oscar Gonzalez gave the Guardians a 5-3 lead for 10th.

The Sox went into a run when Zavala scored based on player selection. Andros reached first place in the play and stole second place. Abreu pushed him inside with a 1-2 on court to tie the match at 5.

The Guardians responded in a major way in the eleventh.

Bullock hit Homer in two stages in the bottom 11, but the Sox didn’t come close and they found themselves in a big hole with 14 regular season games remaining.

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