The collapse of FTX and the shocking fall of Sam Bankman-Fried

Sam Bankman Fried – better known as SBF – is facing an account due to the collapse of FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange he runs. In a matter of days, his empire exploded in a rather spectacular way.

Bankman-Fried launched Alameda Research, a quantitative trading firm focused on digital assets, in 2017, and then FTX, an exchange, in 2019. Until very recently, FTX had a valuation of $32 billion, and FTX’s smallest US division was tied to With $8 billion, Alameda made $1 billion in profits in one year. From then on things fell apart very quickly.

Thanks to a leak about the shady accounting and financial health of Alameda Research and some clever maneuvering from Binance, a rival exchange, investors have started withdrawing their money from FTX en masse. And the value of FTT, a token issued by the company, fell. FTX was forced to seek a rescue. Bankman-Fried wiped out the savings of countless customers and may have committed fraud in the process.

Throughout the FTX build, Bankman-Fried has been one of its brightest stars Effective Altruism Movement (EA). Through the FTX Foundation’s Future Fund, Bankman-Fried has distributed millions to people and organizations with ideas on how to improve the future. (Disclosure: This August, the Bankman-Fried family charity, Building a Stronger Future, awarded Vox’s Future Perfect award Grant for Project Reporting 2023. This project is now on hold.) In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Bankman-Fried was Second largest individual donor to the Democrats in 2022 After George Soros, according to Data from OpenSecrets.

In the annals of cryptocurrency disasters, the Bankman-Fried story may be known as one of the most surprising. Bankman-Fried is facing a faster descent from grace than anything in recent memory. Now, we have much more than that Questions from answers about what happened with FTX. Will account holders get their money back? Will Bankman-Fried face criminal charges? What will happen to everyone who accepted his donations? Is it finally the beginning of the end for cryptocurrency? According to several reports news outletsand the Department of Justice and the SEC FTX investigationAnd the his friends and his fans Financial, charitable and political circles Soon, they began to distance themselves from the man widely dubbed the King of Cryptocurrency.

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