The coolest sofas under $1000

sofa shopping Can Be fun (who doesn’t love window shopping?), but with tons of styles, colors and the prices To choose from, it can also be confusing.

Luckily for you, we scoured the internet to find cute sofa options under $1,000, so you can get the room of your dreams — and stay on a budget!

A pink sofa with 4 pillows and 5 paintings hanging above it on the wall

Finding the perfect color is easier than ever these days, whether you’re looking for something bold like this pretty orange sofa Or something classic, yet versatile, like This option tufted velvet (this pink Looks like my sofa above!).

Some of our favorite budget places to find cute sofa styles include WeaverAnd the Amazon And the Urban Outfitters-For example, but not limited.

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pink modern sofa

Rose Chamberlain Sofa

A timeless look with eight color options.

This classic sofa design has a timeless look that you can easily customize to your space with the eight color options available to you. At 85′ long, it also gives you more seating for your money, so it’s perfect for those who need a little more room.

Cleaning this sofa is a breeze thanks to its LiveSmart upholstery that has a moisture-resistant barrier that allows liquids to spill onto the surface until it is gently wiped with a cloth. Smart and elegant!

Velvet cognac sofa

Modern velvet cognac sofa

Comes in four beautiful colors!

If you want the look of modern luxury on a budget, this cognac velvet sofa features sleek modern lines and slim gold legs to bring elegance and comfort into your home.

With French piping details, this sofa brings a touch of mid-century design charm. It also comes in four colors, so if cognac isn’t your thing, check out the sea blue, navy blue, or charcoal options.

Mid Century Wooden Side Sofa

Mid Century Wooden Side Sofa

Wood sides and round legs give this sofa a classic mid-century feel.

This gorgeous sofa seats up to three seats at a time and features diamond-shaped buttons that separate across the back and seat. The design is vintage enough to give it a mid-century feel, but it’s a classic to be at home in any decade.

Two matching rounded pillows are included for added comfort, and there are six color options available.

Glowing green velvet armchair

Velvet sofa with glowing arm

Three seats in glamorous luxury!

This three-seater sofa features deep channel stitching and soft velvet upholstery to give any living area a distinctive look. whether you watching a movie or host friends CocktailsThis sofa is sure to add elegance and character to your home.

also come Pink And the black velvet!

Linen sectional sofa

Linen sectional sofa

Features a reversible chaise longue!

If you’re looking for a sectional (so you can relax with your feet lifted), this linen sofa is the perfect choice.

And in case you change your room or move to a new space, the lounge chair section is reversible, so you can switch it from side to side to better suit your space.

This sofa has a solid wood frame and solid beech wood legs and comes in eight color options to match your décor.

Recycled brown leather sofa

Recycled Chamberlain Leather Sofa

Modern leather sofa under $1000.

If you are looking for a real leather sofa for under $1000, then this Chamberlain style sofa made of recycled leather is the perfect choice for you! Featuring structured metal legs and a wood frame, you’ll get 85 inches of height and comfort.

Finished with worn out recycled leather upholstery to a smooth, supple finish, it’s good for you and the planet!

This sofa comes in four color options including black, dark gray and cranberry.

pink futon sofa bed

Brittany futon sofa bed

Sofa and futon!

For those who can use an extra bed for guests (but may not have the option of a dedicated guest room), a sofa that becomes a futon bed is perfect for those with smaller spaces.

This dual purpose Brittany futon sofa has a ribbed tufted back with oak slanted wooden legs. The elegant linen upholstery wipes clean easily, and you have 12 colors to choose from.

Green Velvet Sectional Sofa

milano modern sectional sofa

Extra comfort and seating (and still less than budget).

When you want to spread out, having a chaise longue makes all the difference, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, budget, or looks with this modern Milano sofa.

Featuring a polished brass leg of the sofa, this sofa is 101 inches wide, and you’ll have plenty of room for all your lounge needs. The durable velvet comes in three colors.

white curved sofa

Velvet Circular Arm Curved Sofa

All the right curves in all the right places.

This statement-making curved sofa is totally on-trend and sure to bring a touch of subtle drama to your living space. There are seven color options (including Pink!) And the velvet is stain-resistant.

Upholstered in a luxurious fabric, this sofa is made with foam and fiber for just the right amount of give, and comes with two matching pillows.

yellow velvet sofa bed

sofa bed photon

This sofa bed has memory foam cushions!

Who would have guessed that this cute sofa could be used as a bed? This futon features a classic antique sofa design, upholstered in velvet with button-tufted arms and a wooden back and legs.

The wood frame contains high-density foam and memory foam cushions for the perfect comfort as a sofa (or bed) and comes in six colors.

Square blue armchair

– Valeria square armchair

Comes in 9 color choices!

A classic sofa with a personal touch, this Valeria sofa features a wood frame, slightly slanted track arms, and tapered, streamlined solid birch legs.

The back cushion has a hidden row of lace tufts for a touch of texture, and foam padding (with integral seat-spring construction) for just the right amount of support.

This sofa comes in nine huge color options.

Round back and seat arm


A statement piece for any budget!

For the style connoisseur, this round armchair gets you just right on trend while staying under budget. The seat has a cotton and linen blend fabric and is a great choice if you need seating that looks good from all angles.

This group also has replica chair If you want more seating, it’s available in seven trendy colors.

faux leather sofa

Sorrento faux leather sofa

A budget-friendly version with a leather look.

Featuring a button-hugging cuff with piping around the edges of the cushions, this thin three-seat sofa gives you the option to seat multiple guests (without looking bulky).

This design is perfect for those who want something elegant and classic without feeling fancy or trendy.

green curved back sofa

Isabella Moss sofa

Curved back for style and comfort.

This sofa could read either mid-century or more traditional depending on the rest of your decor, but the curved back and subtle threads along the back are sure to add interest to any room (without breaking the bank).

The frame has a high-strength zigzag spring suspension for long-lasting comfort and support, and it comes in three color options.

Need some inspiration for living room decor? Check out these room tours:

Cute, comfy and budget friendly! Whether you need a sofa to browse on the couch on Netflix, enjoy watching wine and cheese with friends, or host family Breakfast and lunchThese affordable options will ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Bundled with 15 different affordable sofas

Velvet cognac sofa / sectional linen / sectional green velvet / Rose Chamberlain Sofa / Faux black leather sofa / Velvet Curved Sofa / Velvet sofa green olive / Loveset round arm / Wooden side sofa / yellow sofa bed / light pink futon / brown leather sofa / Emerald green sofa / mid century sofa / Blue two seater sofa

We hope you find something that fits you perfectly. Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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