The Department of Justice is suing Google for having a monopoly on digital advertising

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  • The US Department of Justice has officially filed a lawsuit against Google.
  • The Department of Justice claims that Google has created a digital advertising market that unfairly favors its own products.
  • Eight states joined the Department of Justice in its complaint.

Google found itself in a lot of legal troubles in 2022. For example, it was sued for collecting Location data Even after users have disabled it. A lawsuit has also been filed against him for his collection Biometric data of people in Texas without their express consent. For 2023, it looks like the company will continue to struggle with legal issues as it has just been sued for its digital advertising market.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has officially filed a lawsuit against Google, according to Techcrunch. In the lawsuit, the DOJ argues that the search giant has monopolistic control over the digital advertising market that unfairly allows it to favor its own products. Eight states, including New York, California, Colorado and others, joined the lawsuit.

The Department of Justice lays out its case, saying:

One of the industry giants, Google, has subverted legitimate competition in the ad tech industry by engaging in a systematic campaign to gain control of a wide range of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers and intermediaries, to facilitate digital advertising. Having inserted itself into all aspects of the digital advertising market, Google has used non-competitive, exclusionary, and illegal means to eliminate or severely reduce any threat to its dominance in digital advertising technologies.

Although the lawsuit is now filed, this is something that has been in the works since 2021.

to me TechcrunchGoogle has defended itself by claiming that the digital advertising market is healthy and competitive. It also points to Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft as strong competitors who are proving that the market is working as it should.

This defense is reminiscent of the one I used in 2022 after the Department of Justice charged the company with a buyout default exclusivity to its search engine. In this case, Google’s lawyer stated that the Department of Justice and the states are focusing too much on smaller search engines and not on real competition like Meta, Amazon, and TikTok.

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