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In this limited space between anticipating a project and seeing it for the first time, you wonder if this is all you could hope for. To say this was the case for Brandi Joy Smith And her husband Tyler’s new Joshua Tree cabin is a little exciting. A beloved content creator and longtime contributor to the site, Smith has impeccable taste. Her home and style are creative beacons — so naturally, we can’t wait to see the light she brought to California’s high desert. Trust me: this is the Joshua Tree cabin tour you need to see.

Brandi Joy Smith’s Dreamy Joshua Tree Cabin Tour

When we walked into the quiet one-bedroom cabin – there are two rooms side by side – we were thrilled. Soft natural materials Complements smaller industrial accents. Light streams through windows that capture the sun and desert views. Everything is considered and characterized by exceptional ease.

“The goal was to make these cabins feel zen and calm and serene,” says Smith. “Somewhere where you can escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy complete peace and quiet.”

“The goal was to make these cabins feel zen and calm and serene.”

Smith and her husband built the cabins from the ground up, working alongside Duane Smith of Hundred Mile Homes.

It was a process, like building any home from scratch, but clearly worth it. Now Smith’s goal is to share booths with family and friends as much as possible. That is, when others haven’t already taken possession of it. (Yes, They are available Separately or together on Airbnb and Vrbo.)

We asked Smith to walk us through the cab and the process. Here she explains how she nailed that high-desert, off-the-grid, totally relaxing getaway.

photo by Zachary Gray

Keep it simple, classic and 100% true to you.

photo by Zachary Gray

What inspired these cabins?

Tyler and I love the desert. We knew we wanted a place of our own. We also wanted a place to share with our family and friends – remote but not too far to get to restaurants or the national park. Our Realtor, Clayton Baldwin, found the perfect location with stunning views.

left photo from Zachary Gray

photo by Zachary Gray

What noteworthy items do you like about the house and where it is located?

Both cabins are off the grid, which means we don’t have the benefit of city electricity or water. We loved creating spaces with a low carbon footprint that blend with the beautiful surroundings. The cabins are located on 10 acres surrounded by mountains. Sunrise and sunset are not to be missed.

Our favorite cab features are:

  • Skylights above the beds
  • Outdoor showers and hot tubs
  • Views from the couch through the kitchen windows
  • Lighting above dining tables – it’s a focal point

Correct image by Zachary Gray

photo by Zachary Gray

How would you describe the aesthetic?

We wanted each booth to have its own identity but a similar vibe. We decided to mix soft natural materials with a few small industrial touches. We put windows so you can soak in the views and flood the homes with natural light.

The northern cabin is bright and warm with pinks, whites, and neutrals. The Southern cabin is more neutral with soft browns and ash—more on the moody side.

photo by Zachary Gray

What role did color play in the decorating process?

I was really hands on in the process of interior design and finishes. In the desert, mid-century modern is my go-to, but I have more of a wabi-sabi vibe. Duane and I have done a good job merging the two styles to create something modern yet friendly and soft.

photo by Zachary Gray

You have a knack for creating beautiful spaces. What ornamental wisdom would you like to share?

As tempting as it may be, don’t go too trendy! Keep it simple, classic and 100% true to you.


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