The Giants’ bright future was not affected by a playoff loss in the NFC Divisional Round

January 21, 2023;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA;  New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) in the huddle against the Philadelphia Eagles during an NFC Divisional game at Lincoln Financial Field.

January 21, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) in the huddle against the Philadelphia Eagles during an NFC Divisional game at Lincoln Financial Field. / Eric Hartline-USA Today Sports

Philadelphia – the giants I needed help. That is if they want a chance. Something, anything, to level the playing field against the All-Star Eagles.

if Jalen Hurts Was it far from 100 percent? if Lynn JohnsonHis torn thigh made him shell out for his usually dominant self? If the rest of the Eagles, who’ve been on cruise control for a month better, are more rusty than rested? Then maybe, just maybe, New York can pull off an upset in the City of Brotherly Love on a Saturday night.

But none of that happened. And so the Cinderella-like season of giants is coming to an end. But even with a file The Eagles pulled away in their 38-7 winyou couldn’t help but feel that this was the beginning of something special with the Giants.

They weren’t there yet, no.

But, finally, you’re seeing a team that’s going in the right direction.

“The team’s future is bright,” quarterback Daniel Jones He said. “We’ve got a lot of young key players who’ve made a lot of plays, and they’ve been great all year. I think there’s definitely a bright future here.”

It will be easier to marvel at what the Giants have accomplished this season once time passes and the stench of this loss wears off. Right now, that looks like another loss for the Eagles—the Giants are 12-31 against Philadelphia since 2003. But context is required as you begin to evaluate this team.

Giants weren’t meant to be good. In fact, they were supposed to be a complete and total disaster. The predictions of this team winning three, four or five games were not written in jest. The paper seemed to paint an undeniably grim view of what was to come: The Giants were in the first phase of a complete rebuild.

The journey from where they have been, to where they want to be, will be hard to watch in its early stages.

“Nobody thought we’d be here,” the linebacker said Ward Jihad.

But then the season started. The Giants nearly shattered all expectations when they jumped out to a 7-2 first. Their menu still has its problems. Most weeks, the Giants were at a disadvantage from their opponents in terms of talent. But Brian DoubleHis coaching and steady Wade Jones not only kept New York in games, but eventually saw them both win victories.

Was she always pretty? Almost impossible. It doesn’t matter, though. Embrace the ugly giants. They made that their identity. This brand of football helped New York reach its first winning season since 2016. That’s why they won their first playoff game since 2011.

For the first time in a long time, the Giants gave their fans something to be proud of.

Nothing that happened Saturday night changes that.

“I am proud of where we came from,” Salameh said. Xavier McKinney. “The last two years, just to see the growth we’ve had as a team. It was great to see. It was great to be a part of.”

The clock finally struck midnight for the Giants. They have been brought back to reality. This year will not end like 2007 or 2011. But the way this team came together is priceless. The experience gained by these players is invaluable. Most importantly: I’ve seen essential pieces of this franchise come together.

internal defensive line Dexter Lawrence a star. rusher pass Kyvon Thibodeau He will join him soon. left tackle Andrew Thomas Established itself as one of the best companies in the field. running back I will be Barkley He returned to the form. I’ve seen a glimmer of brilliance from the receivers Isaiah Hodgins (late season) f Wandell Robinson (before landing on the wounded reserve). This, for example, a few.

This team needed to reshape the inside of their offensive line. This team needed playmakers abroad. This team needed to rebuild its secondary. This team needed an overhaul of the linebacker unit. But this was a more than promising start for GM Joe Schoen. Now he needs to build on it.

He will have another row. He’ll have money to spend in free agency for the first time.

You’ve already seen what Daboll can do to the Misfit Toys island. You know that Coach of the Year must have what it takes. He generates optimism about what he can do with the legitimate talent around him.

“It’s the elite,” security Jason Pinnock Double said. “He can take, I don’t like, politically, say ‘men with no names,’ but he can build a solid team with late picks, free agents. He’s a great coach. For me, personally, I’d come too late to be able to watch him work, and see his relationship.” With each young man, it was unique and different.

“When you have players who want to play for their coach – it makes a big difference.”

The Giants wasted little time retreating to the visiting locker room at Lincoln Financial Field after the clock struck triple zero. The match ended much earlier. They seem to know that. As Daboll said in his post-game press conference – the Eagles beat the Giants in every aspect of the game.

Despite this, though, the mood in the locker room was not one of the eliminated team desperately trying to control their elimination. The majority of those players inside the visiting locker room, while disappointed with the results, were focused not only on what they’d accomplished, but what the future held.

This was, in a way, heralding the future another step closer.

Finally, there is a legitimate reason to believe that this will be much brighter than today.

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