The Gritty Gamblers ride the running game and defense to a fourth straight win


Memphis – Houston Gamblers Sunday showed they’re right at home in hub memphis, and they made it to 16-10 Grind City beat New Jersey Generals to extend their winning streak to a best four in a row in the league.

running back Mark Thompson It went on to perform as the best TD machine in the world USFL. Before the first quarter against New Jersey ended, Thompson hit the end zone from 6 yards out for his ninth league-best TD of the season.

Thompson, who finished the day with 82 yards on 22 carries, was a powerhouse when offensive coordinator Eric Price managed to determine the running look for him with a man-to-man obstruction from the offensive line. His vision was clear and clean because of that.

“It’s really clean this year,” said Thompson. “Last year we had a lot going on, and I was grateful to be able to play the game of football. It was fun to be there, but last year’s result wasn’t always in our favour. So this year, I’m really excited that I got the chance to capitalize on my streak Great offensive.”

After missing the first two weeks of the season with an injury, Thompson scored all nine TD points in his last four games. Gamblers are undefeated when the former fl production lines in the background.

HIGHLIGHTS: Gamblers close generals

Gamblers’ offense has also received a boost from a comeback Monmouth passerby Kanji spice. Houston has averaged over 34 points in the Spicer’s last three starts.

Bahar has leveled up a year ago, not only getting the base job but becoming the kind of guy who really showed himself in college. He finished the game completing 19 of 29 passes for 130 yards and credited Houston head coach Curtis Johnson for his leap in development as a professional from 2022 to 2023.

“I think it’s more than (coach Johnson) being a player-coach,” Bahar said. “Not only does he tell us what to do. He asks us what we want to do, what do we do well. It shows how we play.”

With Bahar behind center, Houston scored 12 first downs and put themselves in a favorable position Nick Vogel making two field goals (37 and 38 yards), giving the Gamblers a two-point lead at halftime. They were 6-for-9 on third conversions in the first quarter, while New Jersey was only 2-for-6.

The Generals offense was erratic at best with quarterbacks Kyle Lolita Receives his first start of the season. Lauletta completed only four of his 12 pass attempts in the first half for 33 yards and an interception, although he managed an 18-yard scramble to generate some momentum for the offense in the second quarter.

All but two of the Generals’ offensive possessions in the first half ended in punts. The two that did not end in a turnover had a touchdown and an interception.

Houston defensive back Jeremiah Johnson He went eating alive on a Lolita pass he intercepted—his second in as many weeks—to make a field goal that increased the Gamblers’ lead to 13-0.

With their first possession of the second half, the Gamblers offense took a position to let Vogel go again from a 25-yard catch, and he smashed on a 34-yard touchdown run to give the Gamblers a 16-0 lead, a lead they would have just had. Resist.

The Generals managed to get on the scoreboard to avoid foreclosure at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium, after having their pockets emptied at the table by punters.

With about 10 minutes left to play, however, and only their second possession of the second half, the Generals mounted a 12-play, 90-yard offense.

Lauletta is widely found Alonzo Moore On the way to drag across the lineup for his first TD pass of the year, closing the gap to 16-10 with 3:04 to play. Lauletta finished 17 of 39 with a TD and an INT.

“I feel like we just got into a rhythm there,” Lolita said of the late surge. “I was throwing the ball more accurately down the stretch, getting rid of the ball before the rush got there and just trying to find open players.”

After the TD, Riley made the decision to take advantage of a USFL rule that allows a team to attempt a fourth-and-12 play from the 33-yard line instead of on an onside kick.

However, the attempt failed, and Houston had the ball with just over three minutes left in the game.

Gamblers knew when to hold their own, when to fold, and let the Bank ride a four-game winning streak, ready to hit the tables again next weekend and let it ride.

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