The Hunt: Best suits for business outfits

Collage of 4 classic workwear bodysuits

Sure, we all know what Wardrobe essentials for work Professional women are meant to have their wardrobes, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve been wearing in the ground, it can be difficult to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. in “the hunt,“In stores we look for a staple that every woman should have.

This post was last updated in November 2022.

One of the big trends in the last couple of years or so has been the rise of work-appropriate undergarments — so we thought we’d round up the best suits for work wear!

For me $.02 If you’re a lingerie lover, there are plenty of great ways to wear them to work. It can be an effortless, elegant, and polished look, especially when paired with flared pants, flared skirts, and more.

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Some cautions about wearing underwear with work attire (i.e., the things no one else will tell you):

  • Crazy cleavage is never appropriate for work – Some of the more plunge looks may require a camisole or Demi camisole.
  • Watch your underwear – If your bra is showing lacy, you may want to opt for a T-shirt bra instead. Likewise, if avoiding VPL is important to you, you should definitely test bodysuits before wearing them with work attire.
  • Yes, please wear normal thongs/panties/underwear With them – if you go commando, I suspect most clothes won’t last very long.

For everyone who says, Are you kidding, there’s no way to wear a bodysuit to work, I’ve shared my theory before: Denim styles influence workwear styles because ultimately you buy new tops for new denim shapes, and therefore you end up wanting those newer shirts to work .

Being looser, more voluminous bottoms are coming into fashion more and more, tighter tops like underwear are everywhere. (So ​​are the cropped tops, but here’s why You probably shouldn’t wear a tank top to work.)

Readers, what are your thoughts on lingerie? What do you think is the best suit for work wear?

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Our latest classic workwear favorite

If you want a polished and elegant look, don’t miss out on the classic Work wear underwear. Some of our Hall of Famers include everlaneAnd the beigeAnd the commandosAnd the skymesAnd the MadwellAnd the Walford.

Collage of 4 classic workwear bodysuits

A sad trombone for the brand Tuxe, which seems to have gone out of business.

Our newest favorite modern work wear suits

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most bizarre and interesting lingerie we’ve seen out there…

Affordable options:

Collage of 5 trendy lingerie

above: Green color / the colour grey / The black cowl / Lilac / Pink

Fancier options:

Collage of 5 trendy lingerie

above: Navy with a collar / black / diagonal bar / generous / brown

A closer look at some of our classic work-wear favorites

Some of our favorite undergarments for workwear include these options:

Classic white T-shirt jumpsuit

The Bodysuit Everline The photo above is a nice basic crew neck for $35 – compare that to the fancier versions of the Walford For $110 – $220.

More sites to find basic body-hugging, long-sleeved shirts for layering with an office look: skymesAnd the MadwellAnd the Naked closetAnd the differenceAnd the Free peopleAnd the commandosAnd the passAnd the White House Black MarketAnd the Tasty.

Are you looking for simple plus size shapewear? check friendly group (up to 6X), Good American (5h), skymesAnd the MadwellAnd the Venus

Undergarment that looks like a blouse

I think a drape blouse is a really elegant look for a suit – the only trick is to make sure the wrap look doesn’t open up too much.

beige (Pictured, also available at Nordstrom) has a lot of great lingerie like this one, but you can also find it from beigeAnd the Favorite daughterAnd the Free peopleAnd the Good American.

Looking for budget-friendly options to try this trend? attempt passAnd the AlfaniAnd the EloquiiAnd the Donna KaranAnd the AmazonAnd the difference.

Shirt-like underwear with buttons and a collar

Stop. White-collar lingerie is back, ladies.

They were all the rage a thousand years ago (Victoria’s Secret made them!) and then they disappeared for a while.

Saks is privately streaming with them at the moment — check Walford (in the picture) , Lafayette 148 New YorkAnd the AlaaAnd the Sarah Roca. Nordstrom also has a few Good American And the Donna Karan.

(this is bodysuit On Amazon, it has the look of a pop-up blouse, if you’re looking for it, and Venus She has a lot of really affordable options – and they’re available in plus sizes!)

Classic turtleneck bodysuit

Is there anything more classic than a stylish turtleneck? These are a great variation on basic shirt styles that look great at work, especially with some of the wider back-to-back pants.

You can find it at Madwell (best selling photo, XXS-3X) as well as from everlaneAnd the commandosAnd the SpanxAnd the Lemmy Woolford. (This is a Walford one In particular it is a bestseller.)

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We are participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites.

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