The Illuvium update adds exciting features and NFTs to the groundbreaking game


  • Illuvium opens its long-awaited flagship game to more users.
  • the new Illuvium: Overworld Private Beta 2 It will showcase some of the most advanced mechanics and features in the Web3 gaming industry.
  • This release will set the course for the rest of the year, as iluvium Plans to release more games by the end of the year.

since the beginning of the year, Investors have lost over $500 million in the Web3 games and metaverse sector, accounting for 32% of all cryptocurrency investments in 2023. However, the industry has been dry in development for the better part of the year so far.

iluviumone of the most successful Web3 game studios in the space, has released its most significant release yet – Illuvium: Overworld Private Beta 2. The new update looks to bring some of the most advanced features and mechanics in the industry to a select few players.

Illuvium’s most important release to date

Illuvium, a leading web3 game studio, has it a statement The second private beta run of its flagship open-world fantasy game, Illuvium: Overworld. The new update is scheduled to go live on May 18th, and it brings exciting features, mechanics, and Illuvials to the game, adding even more to the Illuvium experience.

The Overworld Beta 2 The update will roll out highly anticipated features, including Morphopods, Overload mechanics, movement mechanics like Slide and Glide, and environment mechanics like Lilypad and Bubble.

Illuvium has also expanded its open world map in the new update, allowing players to explore new areas and battlefields, such as the Abyssal Basin and Brightland Steppes. Besides gameplay upgrades, Overworld Beta 2 It will introduce over 30 new Illuvials, allowing players to collect and grow their roster with these new creatures.

The private beta was previously available to 30,000 players; However, Illuvium expands to 75,000 users in the new update. However, the game studio is not accommodating all of the 2 million registered beta users, who are eagerly waiting to get into the game.

Players and influencers were too Buzzing on social media About the new update, where they share their great interest in the new game. Excitement, in particular, is evident in Illuvium’s domestic utility token ILV, which is up 9%, rising from $45.35 to $49.34, pending the new update.

the Illuvium: Overworld Beta 2 The update will be the game studio’s most significant release this year and will set the direction for the rest of 2023. Interestingly, Illuvium has hinted at some other developments that will happen later this year.

Iluvium plans for 2023

Grant Acce Infinity recent success By listing its game on the Apple App Store, despite its rigorous vetting process and controversial taxation, Illuvium has shared that it plans to list its mobile game, Ilovium: zerolater this year.

The game studio has promised to roll out the open beta for all three of its games, Ilovium: zeroAnd iluvium: ArenaAnd Illuvium: Overworldbefore the end of this year. Once the open beta goes live, players can enjoy all the features, including trading NFTs, earning rewards, and more.

on the flip side

  • Private betas work very well on some games. The main Yuga Labs game, flip sideheld an exclusive “Second Journey” event, instantly absorbing more than 10,000 Otherdeed NFT holders to join a two-hour narrative in the metaverse.
  • Players should remember that they may not retain any items, resources, Illuvials, or XP they earn while playing the Private Beta. Illuvium will wipe of all the progress that has been made in this beta version.

Why is this important

Illuvium: Overworld is one of the most exciting games in the Web3 game space. More than two million users are registered in the beta, and only a few will be allowed in. The new update marks a major milestone for the game and prepares selected users for what’s to come in open beta later this year.

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