The modders behind the excellent Half-Life 2 VR port reveal the first episode, arriving in the first quarter

Very expected: If you’ve played SourceVR’s Half-Life 2: VR Mod, you’re probably left wanting more. The good news is that the team is already working on porting HL2: Episode One to VR. More good news is that it is set to arrive during the first quarter of this year. yes. The decade-long wait for Half-Life 2: Virtual Reality just got a lot sweeter, knowing that follow-up episodes are coming sooner than we thought.

Throw in the momentum of the recent Half-Life 2: VR Mod beta ReleaseSourceVR Mod Team open It already contains Half-Life 2: Episode One in working order. The fan-developed mod should launch sometime in the first quarter of 2023, though the team hasn’t indicated if it’s a beta or fully completed version.

Given that HL2: VR is still in beta steamOne of two things could happen. Since development undoubtedly coincided with the base game’s mod, Episode One could launch just as SourceVR releases the final version of HL2: VR. Conversely, it can enter an indefinite early access beta state like its predecessor.

Either way, it’s exciting knowing we won’t have to wait another 10 years for follow-up content. The SourceVR conversion for Half-Life 2 has been coming for a long time but it was well worth the wait, as it has everything you would expect for a 3D VR title. It puts Valve’s weak short-lived effort at releasing HL2 VR to shame.

The Episode I mod should be more of the same, considering its imminent release suggests the team has gathered a full head of Steam (pun intended) to push it away after the previous effort’s early beta launch. SourceVR seems to have hit its development groove on the project, and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Episode 2 is about to be completed in a few months. Let’s hope so.

Keep in mind that the entire Half-Life 2: VR project is a mod and requires the original game other than VR Valve. However, The Orange Box, which includes the base game and both episodes, is just that $20. The box also comes with a Portal, so buying is a no-brainer. And as long as you’re passing a few bucks to Valve for essentially doing nothing, why not buy the SourceVR team a coffee for their hard work. You can donate to the cause at Ko-fi page.

For VR setups, SourceVR recommends running mods on an 8th-gen Intel or AMD Ryzen 3000 processor or better. You can get by with 8GB of RAM, but 16GB or more would be better. You’ll also need a GeForce GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 5700 to play at higher resolutions and frame rates. Also, make sure your headset and controllers are compatible with SteamVR.

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