The NBA Players Association wants Suns exec to ban Sarver for life

Tamica Trimaglio, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, has shared that Suns owner and Mercury Robert Sarver should not be allowed to be in any “management” role after the NBA’s investigation of workplace misconduct.

On Tuesday, the NBA announced that Sarver would serve one year off work and a $10 million fine as punishment for the findings of the investigation. However, since company sponsors, players – LeBron James and Chris Paul – and Suns minority owner Jahm Najafi have influenced NBA discipline in the investigation, Trimaglio is calling for Sarver to be banned from the NBA.

“We’re absolutely advocating for it,” Tremaglio said. Malika Andrews from ESPN NBA today. “We don’t want him to be in a position where he manages and interacts with people…or our players. We are quite clear from our findings in the report that we don’t want him to be in that position.”

A league investigation found that Sarver said the n-word at least five times during his 18-year tenure in Phoenix. He also revealed that he constantly behaves inappropriately towards employees, including several “sex-related comments towards female employees”. Sarver also made “inappropriate comments about physical appearance” to women who worked on the team and elsewhere, and reportedly engaged in “inappropriate physical behavior towards male employees,” according to the report.

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