The new Gigabyte monitor is suitable for both desktop computers


If you are in the know For the next gaming screenYou may come across some great options and more It might be a little weirder. However, this latest Gigabyte version would be great if you are the type of person who has more than one computer on their desks.

Gigabyte has announced a bunch of new gaming monitors, including the G24F 2 and G27F 2. The former is a 23.8-inch model with a 180Hz refresh rate, while the latter is a 27-inch version with a 165Hz refresh rate. Perhaps the one that catches your eye the most is the M27F A. It has a similar feature to the G27F 2 set, except that we have KVM support. Essentially, this means that the display lets you use the same keyboard, mouse, and display on your secondary system, and switch between devices seamlessly.

Other than that, this Gigabyte monitor is a fairly standard gaming monitor with a high refresh rate. The IPS screen has a resolution of 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16: 9, Constant contrast ratio 1000:1, 16.7 million Colors, 95% DCI-P3 coverage and 130% sRGB. If your PC doesn’t support 4K gaming, and you want something that’s capable and doesn’t break the bank, these Gigabyte monitors might be a good option for you. And if you have multiple systems, you can definitely benefit from using the KVM option.

The M27F A will be available for $260, while the G24F 2 and G27F 2 will set you back $160 and $210, respectively. You can check more information on the source link.

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