The power and potential of the Latino voter


Throughout this edition of determinantVox hopes to provide a better understanding of the complexities, contradictions, and futures of the country’s 32 million Latino voters.

Katie Huertas for Vox

America’s fastest growing and often misunderstood voting block

Each election year, many Americans, especially political pundits, rediscover the “sleeping giant” that is the Latin electorate.

By Christian Baz

Alberto Mariani for Vox

Robin Gallego is ready to fight – even if the Democratic Party isn’t

Inside an Arizona representative’s turbulent, internet-connected and earnestly fighting plan to transform the Democratic Party.

By Christian Baz

Gabriella Trujillo for Vox

Democrats lost ground with Latino voters in 2020. Will the midterms be worse?

Republicans are slowly winning over Latino voters. Democrats may not have learned from their mistakes for 2020.

Written by Ray Suarez

Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty Images

Hispanic Voter Power in 10 Charts

Hispanic voters could swing in the 2022 midterm elections. Here’s how that might happen.

by Youyou Zhou

Nathan Howard / Getty Images

How 2022 became the year of the Latin republic

If there is a red wave in 2022, it will be triggered by Latina candidates.

Written by Li Chu

Rogelio V. Solis / AP

Yes, most Latinos are Christians. No, that doesn’t make it anti-abortion.

Why Latino voters misunderstand this stance on abortion.

Written by Nicole Naria

Gabriella Trujillo for Vox

Latino voters are being inundated with more misinformation in 2022

Democrats blamed misinformation for some of their losses with Latino voters in 2020. But the problem is getting increasingly tangled with the party’s failures with Latinos.

By Christian Baz

Esta Historia también está disponible en español.

Katie Huertas for Vox

A Practical Guide to Winning Latino Voters

So what now? 5 Latino Politics Experts Weigh.

Written by Natalie Jennings and Christian Baz

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