The price of the Galaxy S23 will likely not change in the US, but it could go up elsewhere

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  • A leak revealed the price of the Galaxy S23 family in Spain.
  • The leak indicates that the device will be more expensive than its predecessor.
  • It is likely that the United States will not be affected and the price will remain the same.

Launch a program Galaxy S23 The series isn’t far off now, with about a week left to go. There was speculation that Samsung might raise the price of this year’s flagship in certain regions, but nothing more concrete than the rumors. However, that may have changed after a new leak.

After recently claiming the base model of the Galaxy S23, it could be getting a bump brightnessprofuse leakage Roland Quandt He tweeted a new leak that revealed international pricing for the S23 lineup. According to Quandt, the Spanish retailer was the party that leaked the prices of the S23. Depending on the leak, you may end up paying:

  • €959 for the S23 8GB/128GB model
  • €1,019 for the S23 8GB/256GB model
  • €1,209 for the S23 Plus 8GB / 256GB model
  • €1,329 for the S23 Plus 8GB / 512GB model
  • €1,409 for the S23 Ultra 8GB / 256GB model
  • €1,589 for the S23 Ultra 12GB / 512GB model

However, this price does not reflect the expected US. It is believed that Samsung will sell the Galaxy S23 in the US at the same price as the Galaxy S22. If you remember, the starting price for the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra was $799, $999, and $1,199, respectively.

While this may be the cost in Spain, it is not known how Samsung plans to apply its pricing elsewhere. However, Quandt mentioned that Germany and Benelux could see the base model selling for €949 and the Ultra model priced at €1,399.

As for the reason for the higher prices in different regions, it could be due to the fact that the phones may be premium The specs are top notch. It may also have something to do with widespread inflation and global chip shortages. Whatever the case, we won’t be 100% sure of the price until the day it’s launched.

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