The private sale of the MBLK $MBLK token exceeds expectations, and paves the way for IDO’s success


Zogi Laboratoriesa multi-divisional blockchain company and game studio founded in May 2021, and the team behind the revolutionary MMORPG Myths of Bezugia, announced the successful completion of the sale of tokens for its in-game currency, Magical Blocks ($MBLK). Led by web-focused M3 Ventures Ltd (HK), ZOGI Labs’ investors, partners and collaborators also include high-profile industry leaders such as Polygon (MATIC), Cronos Chain ( and BNB Chain, as well as multiple ecosystem partnerships with platforms and syndicates. and communities. The private sale exceeded all expectations, ending the round with $1.8 million in token sales and paving the way for a highly anticipated public sale (IDO).

“I strongly believe the reason our investors trust Legends of Bezogia as a late-stage proprietary product with a mature community and ecosystem of tens of thousands of players and many hundreds of beta testers facing Legends of Bezogia as it goes into final release this year. This created strong demand for the $MBLK token already before its launch and issuance. The benefit is what creates value for all stakeholders and our investors see it.” CEO Steve Murray said, speaking to industry leaders recently in session at the AIBC conference in Dubai.

This achievement marks a huge step forward for $MBLK, as it prepares for the highly anticipated Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in April of this year. With a unique combination of blockchain technology and cutting-edge gaming mechanics, $MBLK is exactly what the industry needs to seamlessly bridge the gaming industry and blockchain. Designed and coded from scratch by the ZOGI team, $MBLK sets a new standard in sustainability mechanics and open-world metaverse environment logic. Learn more about this at ZOGI Labs’ White papers.

The huge demand for $MBLK is a testament to the innovative nature of the project and the entire team of over 45 talented individuals who are fully committed to delivering an immersive and entertaining decentralized gaming experience. With the private sale now closed, ZOGI Labs is turning its attention to the upcoming IDO, as it plans to offer whitelisted investors an opportunity to buy early and gain access to the exciting world of Legends of Bezogia.

The gaming and blockchain communities are clearly aware of the huge potential of $MBK and, after a rigorous two years of development, are excited to see Legends of Bezogia coming to every major gaming platform and OS in 2023.

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ZOGI Labs is a cross-platform blockchain company and game studio founded in May 2021, and the team behind the revolutionary MMORPG Legends of Bezogia. At ZOGI Labs, our mission is to seamlessly blend blockchain technology with cutting-edge game mechanics to create a truly immersive digital world – a place where players can escape to otherworldly landscapes, live vicariously through their Bezogi avatars and have a great deal of time. in the lands of Bezugia.

ZOGI Labs raises the bar for cryptocurrency-based games with stunning graphics, a rich story, quirky characters, and a level of fun that keeps you tied to your screen.


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