The SHIB Team Announces New Tangem Cold Wallets Themed SHIB by CoinEdition


The SHIB team announces new Tangem cold wallets under the SHIB theme
  • The team recently announced on Twitter that SHIB-themed Tangem cold wallets will soon be available for pre-order.
  • These wallets will reportedly support more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies, come with no fees, and offer much more.
  • At press time, SHIB’s price is down more than 1% despite this exciting project announcement.

Yesterday, the Shiba Inu team took to Twitter to share the announcement about the upcoming pre-order availability of the SHIB-themed Tangem cold wallet on May 29, 2023. Lucy, a SHIB content marketing specialist, also shared in a separate tweet, emphasizing the affordability and ease of use of these wallets. For SHIB holders.

The Twitter user also highlighted the main advantages of Tangem Wallet, naming its reliability and security as some of its standout features. Thanks to the robust Samsung (KS:) component, the wallet is designed to withstand temperature extremes ranging from -35 to 50°C for an impressive 50 years. Its IP68 certification verifies its durability.

In addition, Lucy highlighted the fact that security is a top priority with Tangem Wallet, which is proven by the EAL6+ certification and NFC technology, which effectively protects users from cyberattacks. For added peace of mind, the wallet offers a card backup option, ensuring that you never lose access to your crypto assets.

Chip Price (Source: CoinMarketCap)

Despite this exciting announcement by SHIB, CoinMarketCap indicated a slight decrease of 1.02% in the price of the meme coin over the past 24 hours. As a result, SHIB stock was trading at $0.000008689 at the time of writing, placing its price between its daily high of $0.00000882 and its daily low of $0.000008526.

Despite the recent decline in prices, SHIB managed to maintain a positive weekly performance, with an increase of 1% over the past seven days. However, in the hour prior to press time, the cryptocurrency experienced a loss of 0.09%.

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After announcing it, the SHIB team announced that new SHIB-themed Tangem cold wallets will debut in Coin Edition.

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