The Shiba Inu community (SHIB) would like to launch Shibarium on Thanksgiving Day by DailyCoin

The Shiba Inu community (SHIB) would like to launch a Shibarium on Thanksgiving Day

With so many preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving, the SHIB army definitely has a lot to be grateful for. This year the popular memecoin (SHIB) celebrated its second anniversary and the developers came up with some significant upgrades. For example, the collectible card game Shiba Eternity has been released on mobile, while Shibburn Radio now has a dedicated mobile app.

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The biggest buzz about Shibarium, however, is the Layer-2 upgrade. The Layer-2 solution is supposed to lay the foundation for the SHIB metaverse project, the SHI$ stablecoin, and the Shiba Eternity blockchain version. Given the harsh conditions in the ongoing crypto winter, some developers are too eager to give any timelines, thus playing on the nerves of the less patient members of the SHIB army.

Army of Ship remains bullish amid lower prices

The ruthless bears didn’t miss an opportunity to kick SHIB around the FTX-saturated crypto winter. However, the most active crypto community on Twitter remains positive about the future of the canine currency. According to popular opinion, SHIB’s black eye should heal quickly because lead developer Shytoshi Kusama is “focusing on Shibarium”.

Moreover, partner development company xFund recently announced the release of wFundwhich is set to power all ETH-based projects.

On the other hand, the popular memecoin price is at $0.00000888, after it increased by 2.8% in the past 24 hours. After several days in the red, SHIB may be preparing for a recovery rally with a significant influx of volume. But much of the bounce back effort will depend on Chef SHIB’s timing with Shibarium, as he will start a new chapter for the rapidly growing crypto community.

on the flip side

  • With the Shiparium still waiting, the SHIB community is divided into two camps.
  • Half of them attack lead developer Shytoshi Kusama over the delays in Shibarium and SHIB’s declining market price.
  • Naturally, the other half encourages team developers to spend as much time as needed.
  • Shytoshi Kusama may team up with the World Economic Forum in order to shape the future of the metaverse.
  • Some SHIB holders are clearly against it, but there is still time to vote on the proposal.

Why should you bother

The social signals circulating around the cryptocurrency under the heading of the Japanese guard dog may spark bullish sentiments for other currencies as well. To be clear, the recent bullish trend of social signals on Twitter has led to the recent surge in Litecoin (LTC).

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