The stats that stood out against Alabama

Alabama is one of the toughest teams in the country to stifle. The Crimson Tide ranks sixth in the nation with an average of 82.8 points per game and, according to KenPom, has an offensive efficiency rating of 115.8 points per 100 possessions, ranking 21st in the country.

The team eliminated Missouri from the SEC tournament on Saturday, defeating the Tigers 72-61. But Mizu’s defensive performance was remarkable. Alabama’s 72 points tied for third-most wins this season.

“We were definitely trying to make their catches harder, increase their catches and, you know, try not to let them get comfortable at the three-point line,” senior forward Kobe Brown He said. “We know they didn’t want to take that many drills, so we tried to force them to the edge and pull their expulsions until they didn’t have any.”

The Crimson Tide has taken quite a number of shots from the outside all year. Treys makes up for 47.6% of the team’s field goal attempts, which ranks 8th in the NCAA, and accounts for 36.5% of points scored this year, which ranks 34th.

Mizzou did everything he could to ensure Alabama didn’t get heat from a distance. The Crimson Tide missed their first 10 triples to open Saturday’s game. They only went 2-15 from heading deep into the first half.

“That was our game plan,” senior guard DeAndre Goulston He said. “You know, this team thrives on 3-point shots, everybody knows. So we wanted to stay high, stay on the hot key and things like that just to throw away the 3 seconds. In the second half we kind of fell behind, we kind of gave up on the 3 seconds.” They pushed the transition a little bit more and it hurt and hurt us.”

Alabama missed its first five 3-point attempts to start the second half, allowing the Tigers to take a small lead. But the Crimson Tide went on to make each of the next six 3s lead by double digits. Forwarders beginner Brandon Miller And Noah Clooney Leading the way for the team, every player went 3-6. Missouri couldn’t keep up, and the team had its own struggles along the perimeter, shooting 7-25 from long range.

“Brandon Miller is an amazing player,” MU coach Dennis Gates He said. “I thought in the first half, we did a good job staying out of the rotation, which meant we didn’t let ourselves give up on those three. In the second half, he was able to get the end of the rotation, meaning if it was a two-pass rotation, a three-pass rotation, and she was The reward is wide open shots as we scramble. His teammates did a great job of finding him. They did a great job of spacing. In the end, I thought they did a better job than we did at keeping more runs, which was part of it. Nothing they didn’t I didn’t think they could do it originally. I just thought we did better in the first half than in the second.”

The Tigers should get another chance to show off their improved defense once the team finds out who will play in the NCAA Tournament on that particular Sunday.

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