The stats that stood out against Alabama

Mizzou always had a tough time on offense against No. 4 Alabama. According to KenPom, opponents have an effective field goal percentage (which is the extra value of a three-pointer) of just 40.9%, the third lowest mark in the nation.

The Tigers were without their leading scorer in the starting lineup Kobe Brown It didn’t make life easier. They shot 32.9% from the field and 10.7 from depth, their lowest averages of the season. MU missed all over, including on the edge as the players combined to go 7-16 in practice. But the team also continued its trend of struggling to land one of the most valuable shots in the game

According to CBB Analytics, Missouri is one of the best teams in the country at cornerback making 3, with 11.9% of its field goal attempts coming from outside the arc and 14 feet from the baseline, which ranks 44th in the NCAA. Most teams want to get a lot of looks from those positions, with a three-point shot still counting despite being closer to the hoop than threes over the first half. It’s one of the best shots you can take on a points-per-possession basis.

However, the Tigers have been cold out of corners all year, canning only 30.6% of their attempts, which ranks 321st in the country. That number has dropped to 23.5% over the last five games. Against Alabama, the team went 0-3. The NCAA Division I average is 36.2%.

Senior guards Tree Jomillion And Nick Honor It was the best from the angles for Mizu this year, Jomillion shooting 5-11 and Honor 7-19. But no other player who has dropped at least twice out of there makes more than a third of his attempts.

The Tigers were above average from a run all season, making 34.7% of their runs before entering Saturday’s contest against the Crimson Tide. But nearly three-quarters of their products came from the top of the divider. Sinking more out of the corners can help a team return to being an offensive juggernaut.

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