The TON Foundation appoints community members as ambassadors and board members

On November 18, A.J TON Foundation Appointment of new ambassadors and board members, honoring three members of the community.

Recognized active TON community members

The foundation has appointed two community members as general ambassadors for the TON blockchain. The third individual joined as a board member of the TON Foundation.

Recognized community members specialize in creating and developing blockchain projects and solutions built on the TON ecosystem. As ambassadors for TON, they will promote dialogue between key players in the industry.

Tal Kool, one of the newly appointed ambassadors, is the technical co-founder of Orbs and co-founder of Hexa, which has helped grow the TON ecosystem. Orbs is also a key member of the group of organizations behind the $250 million TON ecosystem fund announced in April this year. Another announced ambassador, Oleg Andreev, is a co-founder of Tonkeeper and the primary developer of the TON blockchain.

Kingsway Capital founder and supporter of the TON ecosystem, Manuel Stotz, has been invited to join as a member of the board of directors of the TON Foundation. Manuel is known for his advocacy for the implementation of blockchain technology. Manuel will develop the TON ecosystem in his new role.

Stutz isn’t the only newcomer to join the organization. In September 2022, TON appointed investor and chairman of Cypher Capital, Bill Qian, as a new board member. Qian was also the Global Head of Fundraising at Binance Labs and the Global Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Binance.

The TON ecosystem is undergoing extensive development

The TON Foundation is a non-commercial group of supporters and contributors who help further the development of open source TON blockchain. TON was initially an acronym for Telegram Open Network. It was designed in 2018 by Durov Brothers, founders of Telegram Messenger. However, Telegram left the project in 2020. It was later handed over to the Open TON Foundation, which has been developing it ever since.

Over the past few months, the TON blockchain has seen many developments. On Aug. 19, the TON Foundation announce The latest updates to the wallet bot, which enables P2P cryptocurrency transactions directly via Telegram chats.

Telegram also announced the launch of a username token marketplace built on the TON blockchain. On October 26, KuCoin Exchange announced the New Listing of Toncoin (TON)And the Together with Huobi.

Also, just this week, the TON ecosystem caught the attention of investors when DWF Labs has committed $10 million to grow the ecosystem. In total, 50 initial investments are scheduled over the next 12 months.

Attracting attention to community members is important, as building a strong community is essential for a crypto business. A thriving and engaged community attracts more people, helps instill trust and innovate the ecosystem.

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