The Twitter mobile apps no longer force the “for you” timeline on users

People have spoken, and Twitter has backtracked: The controversial “For You” timeline is no longer a default on any platform.

In January, Twitter began showing the algorithm’s “For You” timeline as its default on the web and on mobile. Users still have the option to switch to the “Following” timeline, which shows a chronological list of tweets from accounts you follow, but if you close the Twitter app and reopen it again, For You will appear as default again.

Many users (including us) We didn’t appreciate(Opens in a new tab) That’s a lot, and Twitter recently fell behind by defaulting to my last chosen timeline, however Only on the web(Opens in a new tab). Now, the company has updated its iOS and Android apps with the same functionality.

When you launch the Twitter app on iOS or Android, you’ll now see your chosen timeline view last. To see the change, you will have to update to the latest version of the Twitter app on iOS and Android.

It still doesn’t work perfectly, though. If you have a list (displayed as another timeline view, next to “For You” and “Following”), and you close the Twitter app and reopen it again, behold: it will always return to the algorithm’s “For You” timeline. An option in Settings to permanently switch to the desired timeline view is probably the best way to do that, Twitter.

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