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Spotify and YouTube Music apps on Pixel 6.
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Earlier this year, news broke that podcasts were finally coming to YouTube Music, but there’s still no word on when the feature will launch. However, recent updates to the YouTube Music Android app have put all the pieces in place so it’s only a matter of time.

according to 9to5Google, which tore the YouTube Music for Android APK version 5.48 update file, Google added several lines of code to the app in preparation for the new feature. The settings menu will have all kinds of options for choosing whether or not you want to watch podcast videos or just listen to the audio. There is also an option to “Switch podcast videos to audio-only versions of episodes when available”.

It looks like Google’s YouTube Music app on Android will have sleep timer options for podcasts as well, which is great for users who listen in their sleep. You will also be able to select Wi-Fi only broadcasting and a few other things. I’m not a huge podcast listener, but I do use YouTube Music, so I’m hoping there’s a setting to hide podcasts from search results.

Right now, we’re hearing that YouTube is rolling out additional support and controls for YouTube Studio, where creators can create playlists, easily name shows or episodes, and more.

Unfortunately, we’re still not sure when Google plans to release podcast support on YouTube Music, but it should be here sooner rather than later.

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