‘There are a lot of people who need Bitcoin,’ says Michael Saylor of CoinEdition.

© Reuters. Michael Saylor Says ‘There Are Too Many People Who Need Bitcoin’
  • Michael Saylor says, “An enormous number of people in the world need it.”
  • Saylor has been constantly repeating his belief in BTC.
  • The Bitcoin supporter believes that it has become stronger after the Ethereum merger.

Michael Saylor, the former CEO of MicroStrategy and a longtime Bitcoin fan, recently took to Twitter (NYSE 🙂 to once again express his firm belief in the cryptocurrency, stating that he believes there are a large number of individuals around the world in need of Bitcoin.

Saylor has been constantly tweeting about his strong confidence in Bitcoin since the merger, which saw the second largest crypto transition from a Proof of Work consensus mechanism to a Proof of Stake mechanism.

In one of his tweets, the head of MicroStrategy said, “There is no other alternative to Bitcoin.” This was barely a few hours after merging. He also said that Bitcoin is a digital currency that serves as a railroad for transferring money across time and space.

Saylor also boasted on Twitter that MicroStrategy’s stock price has risen 67% since the company began using Bitcoin Standard, even though many other stocks have seen significant declines or consistent growth this year.

Indeed, in an earlier video posted on September 17th while attending a conference in Australia, a Bitcoin lawyer said that crypto-king became stronger after the Ethereum merger. Saylor believes that Proof of Work is the only successful mechanism in the production of digital goods.

Saylor believes that the Bitcoin blockchain is the cleanest and most energy efficient use of energy in the industry. The company recently revealed plans to sell $500 million of MSTR stock to increase its bitcoin holdings. Currently, Microstrategy (NASDAQ:) has 129,699 Bitcoins in its possession.

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