There will be 3.2 billion players in 2022, but revenue is set to drop for the first time in 15 years.

Something small: If you’re old enough to remember when gaming was considered a niche pastime, especially among those over sixteen, you might have a smile on your face knowing that 3.2 billion people, roughly half the world’s population, will be playing games this year. They’ll spend a total of $184.4 billion on their hobby, and while that’s down a bit from last year, it’s a result of the gaming boom caused by the pandemic in 2020/21.

Latest global gaming market Newzoo a report It shows that the number of people playing games around the world has increased by 4.6% this year. This is particularly impressive given how more people have been gaming during lockdowns when in-home entertainment, such as video games and streaming, has exploded. Not only have more people been trying out for matches for the first time, but players who have fallen into falls have also returned.

The Middle East and Africa region saw the largest jump in the number of players, up 8.2% to 488 million this year, followed by Latin America, up 4.8%. North America saw the smallest rise (2.6%).

The pandemic has also seen a massive jump in gaming revenue – with growth between 2020 and 2022 more than Newzoo’s forecast of $43 billion. Unlike the players’ numbers, that didn’t hold up after the close, with the $184 billion figure down -4.3% year-over-year; First drop in 15 years. However, it is important to note that gaming can still withstand the economic turmoil of 2022 better than many other industries.

Nearly half of all global gaming revenue came from the Asia Pacific region ($87.9 billion), while North America accounted for just over a quarter ($48.4 billion).

As usual, the most money came from mobile games, which brought in 50% of all revenue, or $92.2 billion, in 2022. It was followed by console games at 28% ($51.8 billion), and downloaded/boxed PC games at 21%. . ($38.2 billion), and computer browser games by 1% ($2.3 billion). The report shows that non-browser PC games experienced the least annual decline, down just 1.8%.

The number of players around the world and the amount they spend is expected to increase year on year in the future. Newzoo predicts that more than 3.5 billion people may be playing games by 2025, spending about $211.2 billion.

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