These baseball teams clinched the MLB 2022 playoffs

These MLB Teams Decided On The 2022 Playoff Pier Originally appeared NBC Sports Boston

The MLB 2022 playoffs are nearly approaching, and teams are slowly working to send their tickets into the post-season.

Four clubs have secured a place in the 12-team class so far, which means there are still eight playoff berths to grab.

So, with only two weeks left in the regular season, which teams are really obligated to after the season ends? And what is closest to the decisive?

Which teams will participate in the MLB 2022 Qualifiers?

Defender hero Atlanta Braves They became the latest team to qualify for the playoffs on Tuesday, joining New York MetsChampion of Al West Houston Astros And NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Four of the six MLB division races, including the NL East, are yet to be determined.

How many wild cards do MLB playoffs make?

In addition to the three class winners, there are three wildcats in each league.

How do the new MLB playoffs work?

The New MLB 12-team match format The first round bids farewell to the top two league champions in each league. From there, the remaining division winner (ranked #3) faces the worst wild card team (ranked #6), while the first two teams (ranked 4 and 5) face off in the other series. The wild card tour is the best of the three format as the top seed hosts all three games.

There is no re-ranking for the division round, so the top seed will fight the winner of the match 4-5, and the number two seed will draw the winner of the match 3-6. The Division Round is the best of the five 2-2-1 format, while the Championship Round and World Series is the best of the seven 2-3-2 format.

What are the magic numbers for the MLB 2022 Qualifiers?

After the Braves Pier, . was created New York Yankees They are now the team closest to securing a watershed spot with a magic number of two.

Here’s a full look at the updated magic numbers for the comma pitch, courtesy of

American League

New York Yankees: 2

Toronto Blue Jays: 8

Tampa Bay Rays: 10

Seattle Mariners: 10

Cleveland Guardians: 12

National League

St. Louis Cardinals: 6

San Diego Padres: 10

Philadelphia Phyllis: 12

What MLB teams have been eliminated from the playoff competition?

Eleven teams, six in the NL and five in the AL, have been officially disqualified from the post-season competition: Washington citizensAnd the Pittsburgh PiratesAnd the Cincinnati RedsAnd the Miami MarlinsAnd the Chicago CubsAnd the Colorado RockiesAnd the AucklandAnd the Detroit TigersAnd the Kansas City RoyalsAnd the Texas Rangers And the Los Angeles Angels.

When do the MLB 2022 playoffs start?

Postseason season begins with the Wild Card Tour on Friday, October 7, two days after the end of the regular season. Could you Check out the full match schedule here.

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