This is what you think of the moon images generated by artificial intelligence


The moon shot has been resized on the phone

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Samsung The phones made headlines this week after a Redditor experiment revealed that Galaxy phones do some questionable things when taking pictures of the moon. More specifically, this Redditor found it Galaxy phones have added moon details to a low-resolution blurry image of the moon when Scene Optimizer is enabled.

This saga indicated that Samsung was generating details for its AI-enabled moon shots rather than improving them. But do you care if your moon shots are generated by artificial intelligence? we Post this question earlier this week, and here’s how you answered.

Would you care if the moon pose shot was generated by AI?


It turns out that the most popular answer was “No, I just want a cool moon picture,” which is roughly 39% of the 1,600 votes cast. This suggests that many of our surveyed readers don’t care whether hoaxes are afoot as long as they get a great shot of the moon.

Meanwhile, nearly 34% of readers surveyed said some AI-generated details are OK when taking a picture of the moon. Finally, nearly 28% of the respondents said that any generation of artificial intelligence is not good at taking pictures of the moon.

When you put it another way, more than 70% of respondents seem to think that at least some of the details generated by AI are good. But it certainly seems that many of the readers surveyed also feel there is such a thing as overdoing it.


  • Elio 74: At this point we should take the best picture of the moon we already have and upload it to every phone after that
  • Chris Pollard 77: I don’t have a big problem with the technology used, but more with the deceptive marketing they put behind this feature. If they made a presentation saying, “Look at this amazing shot of the moon, taken with the S23 Ultra camera – artificially enhanced to look like the moon you see with your own eyes,” I’d be fine with that. But they leave out the last bit, which makes it seem like the camera’s optics are catching the details, when they’re not.
  • Fernando R: Leave my moonshots alone! AI or not, I’m the one standing there holding the phone waiting, struggling to stay still and trying not to vibrate. Zoom in and out. It saves me a lot of time. VS took 20+ photos with my DSLR, stack, post process, etc.
    I might also add that not every shot works, this morning I couldn’t get the damn moon to look a bit decent. Pictures were still very blurry, and out of focus. But if the AI ​​is really going to completely edit, please do it even when there’s a little bit of drag around it? Anyway I appreciate Samsung’s help. It’s not like I’ve won awards from cell phone photos.
  • Mark Hamilton: The sad thing is that any normal camera with 10x optical zoom, and even some cameras with only digital zoom, can actually take good pictures of the moon (and capture craters). All you generally have to do is put it on a tripod and adjust the manual settings to avoid overexposure. I can get good shots of the moon on my Galaxy S10, and even take beautiful photos of the stars and the Milky Way by placing my phone on a tripod and adjusting exposure times. You don’t need an ultra-expensive flagship phone to do this, and you can get better results with a cheap camera. Unfortunately, Samsung veered into mass deception to sell more phones. It’s okay, and people shouldn’t be happy about this.


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