This lightweight iPad has a lower price tag and can be a great gift for your college student


TL; DR: From November 17th, you can get Apple iPad 5 128GB (Refurbished: WiFi Only)(Opens in a new tab) For only $234.99 instead of $260 – that’s 9% off.

The student may have gone off to college, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lend a little vacation help before the new term starts. Students are often in classes running around campus, and heavy laptops can be a nuisance. The revamped iPad 5 is a lightweight solution for Stay connected to your student(Opens in a new tab) Without weighing them down, it’s on sale for $234.99.

Lightweight device for school

Watch lectures or write some notes on your new certified iPad. The only sign that this tablet isn’t brand new is that it doesn’t come in the original box. You’ll still enjoy the 9.7-inch multi-touch screen that offers a responsive and convenient way to get all kinds of schoolwork done. Associate it with a file right penAnd your tablet can be used to write handwritten notes or art projects for the class. Don’t have time to write it all down? Take a picture of the board with the high-resolution rear camera.

The Apple A9(Opens in a new tab) 64-bit architecture and chip make this a high-quality multitasking tablet for seamless switching between demanding applications. Thin and durable, this iPad weighs a little less more than a pound. This should leave plenty of room for books and other classroom essentials in the student’s bag. Fill the 128GB of local storage with downloaded apps, assignments, and video lectures. If the local storage is not enough space for your student, they can expand it by connecting a file Cloud storage service.

Save on a refurbished iPad for your college student on the go

Laptops are great for college, but they’re also pretty heavy, and a student might not need something this big if they’re just taking notes and watching video lectures. You can make things a little lighter by having your college kid zip-up Refurbished Apple iPad 5(Opens in a new tab) While it’s on sale for just $234.99 ($260 regular).

Prices are subject to change.


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