This New Samsung Galaxy Watch Feature Puts the Pixel Watch to Shame – Review Geek

Galaxy Watch 5 in four colours.

Samsung is preparing to release a major smart home update for Galaxy Watch hardware. The update, which doesn’t appear to have an exact release date, introduces SmartThings controls for air purifiers, thermostats, and blinds. Most importantly, it adds a Ring and Nest Cam feed directly to the Galaxy Watch!

Once you receive this update, you can start live streaming Ring or Nest Cam video to your wrist. The Galaxy Watch will also get two-way talk functionality, but only with Ring products. (This feature will come in handy when you get a notification from cameras or a doorbell. Just tap the notification to see what’s happening at your door.)

Believe it or not, but Google’s Pixel Watch lacks this functionality. Heck, the Pixel Watch can’t even display Nest Cam thumbnails. This is a huge frustration for Pixel Watch users, and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch update adds insult to injury.

But we have some questions about Samsung update. For example, we’re concerned that this could be exclusive to Wear OS 3 devices, specifically the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. Samsung’s press release doesn’t really specify which Galaxy Watch devices will gain these features.

We have no idea when this update will be released. We suspect Samsung will release a Galaxy Watch update (and show some functionality) during the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch Unfilled event On the first of February.

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