This TikTok Air Fryer Recipe with Pearl Onions makes me wonder why? Just why?


I will put onions in any dish. Sick Double Any amount of onion in the recipe. My family makes fun of me for that. Raw red onions on a sandwich? Delightfully, in my opinion. Hell, I’m going to snack on a raw steak while I’m chopping it up.

But even I can not understand the need to air fry a large amount of pearl onions. This is the TikTok recipe I tested for this week AirFryDay. Nothing else…just pre-roasted and frozen onions. The The recipe comes from TikTok user repeat. It’s not that the end product is bad. It’s just that I don’t quite understand what purpose it serves. Who needs a big bowl of roasted onions? without anything else?

Anyway, here are the details, in case you want to snack on onions.


  • 1 sachet of frozen, pre-thawed pearl onions.

  • Seasoning of your choice – I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, dried herbs and smoked paprika.


  1. Put a bag of pearl onions in a bowl.

  2. Covered with oil and spices. Mix well.

  3. Air fry the onions at 375 degrees for about 13 minutes or until the onions are completely black.

Here’s what the final product looked like in the original TikTok recipe.

Onions cooked in an air fryer

Not bad looking. But who needs all those onions?
Credit: Screenshot: TikTok /

the details

While the usefulness of this recipe – or rather the lack of it – puzzles me, I will say that it is very simple. All you do is dump some marinated onions into an air fryer. It’s just as guaranteed as it gets guaranteed.

The final result? I mean, it isn’t bad. It’s not very tasty either. The outside of the onion is black, roasted and crunchy. That’s cool. The inside of the onion is still very oniony and kind of pops…when you grind it. It’s a rather weird blast of onion splinters in your mouth, and it’s not that big.

Honestly, I won’t be making this exact recipe again. I just don’t get it. It is not a meal. It is not a snack. It’s just a basket of roasted onions. Unless you want to alienate your loved ones with the intense smell of onions, I don’t understand the need for this recipe.

Another note: TikTok suggests cooking the onions for 25 minutes. Unless your air fryer is the weakest in history, this really does take a great amount of time to air fry onions. You will almost certainly end up with hardened onions that taste like soot. For most air fryers, I think 10-15 minutes will be enough. Here’s what the onions looked like when they were done cooking.

Crispy onions on a plate

It looks delicious enough, sure. But really a bonkers amount of onions.
Credit: Mashable

Now, if you’re someone who happens to keep pearl onions on hand, I think there might be some benefits to this recipe. I wouldn’t do it alone. But throw some onions with pearls else Vegetables, perhaps as part of your dinner? I can see it. I said that a long time ago It is better to use an air fryer as a vegetable roaster. It does a good job with onions.

Cooking is a balance, mixing salty, sweet and acidic foods, spices, salt, and fats into something delicious and cohesive. A dish filled with onions alone…not that. But using this onion as an ingredient in another dish is a good idea.

So, while this TikTok recipe might not be my favorite, it’s worth bookmarking the idea for use in another, more balanced dish.


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