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People like to separate their personal and professional lives. Hence, carrying more than one smartphone is not a new thing nowadays. But if they want to use the same WhatsApp on different devices, they may face a real problem. This is because the messaging app allows its users to verify their WhatsApp account with “one number on one phone,” according to a WhatsApp FAQ.

This trick will help you to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices;  Step by step process here

However, this can be difficult for individuals who need to run the same account on multiple mobile phones. Thanks to the scan feature of WhatsApp Web, users can get a solution to this problem.

Previously, Android users had to download a third party software called “Whatscan Pro” to run WhatsApp across different devices. With the new scan feature, using WhatsApp on a browser or desktop with a single account is now possible without the need for any separate apps. The multi-device beta feature is now available for those using the latest version of WhatsApp on Android or iPhone. All you have to do is update WhatsApp with your operating system.

WhatsApp Web allows you to sign in multiple times to your WhatsApp account and is compatible with tablets, Android phones and iPhones. You can easily access your account on your browser or desktop with a simple QR code for WhatsApp. WhatsApp keeps your information private as it maintains end-to-end encryption for all appointees on different devices.

Steps to login to your WhatsApp account on different Android devices:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.
  • Select the Paired devices option by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You can now use your browser to scan the QR code after choosing to connect a device.
  • On your secondary smartphone, start WhatsApp Web by going to (
  • Enable the desktop view option by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the Chrome browser.
  • You can use WhatsApp with the same number on the secondary device by scanning the code from the screen.

The steps are exactly the same if both your primary and secondary devices are iPhones. If you want to sign out of your account, just click on the three dots from WhatsApp Web, then select Sign Out. Additionally, you can only use WhatsApp on the web on one device at a time, meaning one in the browser and the other in the app.

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