Thomas Peters fouled Mulligan after a strange blow

WATCH: Thomas Peters fouled 'mulligan' after bizarre hit - GETTY IMAGES

WATCH: Thomas Peters fouled ‘mulligan’ after bizarre hit – GETTY IMAGES

All the talk at the French Open should have revolved around 21-year-old Rasmus Hoggard’s lead halfway, but since they’re so vulnerable, it was the rules of golf that captured the focus after a bizarre incident to Thomas Peters. More ridiculous also wore the second day.

It started when the Belgian left a 35-foot flying effort for 28 feet, then saw a local referee allow Peters to substitute him without penalty, then ended up being told by the head referee that he shouldn’t get Mulligan. ‘, but since he had made a wrong judgment by an official he will not be punished. And they say the golf rulebook is ruthless?

The Ryder Cup player was on the third green of Le Golf National and was on his way to swinging his putter when a spectator coughed loudly. Peters tried to stop his stroke, but didn’t hit the brakes in time with the ball bouncing forward.

Peters summoned a referee and reported that he “accidentally bumped into him” he could take it again. Relieved, Peter put the two for equality and moved on.

However, when he arrived at the club, Mark Leighton, the main referee, was waiting to say that the referee was not right and that he should simply have proceeded from where his ball ended. However, the round of 70 will survive due to the guidance in the R&A rulebook which states that if the referee has wrongly advised a player to cancel the stroke, the score with the replayed stroke is important.

There’s no disrespect for Peters – who was inevitably portrayed as a villain in some quarters on social media, but in fact, he wasn’t wrong – but we can only hope he won’t win his stroke on Sunday.

At Five Under World, No. 33 might look easy in a tie for seventh, but he’s actually 10 shots behind Rasmus, the 65-year-old Dane who is in 15 under and six by his closest pursuer, Frenchman Paul Bargon. .

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