Three ways to create your own mobile app

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve answered dozens of emails from readers interested in creating mobile apps either on their own or with their students. In most cases, I would recommend one of the following three tools.

sliding applications

sliding applications It enables anyone who can create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to create their own mobile app. If that sounds simple, that’s because it’s that simple. The headers you put into your spreadsheet and the data you enter into your spreadsheet are used by Glide to build a mobile app for you that works on Android and iOS devices.

in this video Show two ways to use Glide Apps to create your own mobile app. The first method is to choose one of the Glide Apps templates and then modify the information within the template. The second method is to start from scratch with a blank Google Sheet. In the second method demo, I explain and demonstrate how you can embed maps and other multimedia elements.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology inventor
If you want to build a fully functional Android app, MIT App Inventor is the place to start. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology inventor Runs in your web browser (Chrome recommended). The only download required for App Inventor 2 is the optional emulator. The emulator allows people who do not have Android devices to send text messages to their apps on their desktop. If you have an Android device, an emulator is not required and you don’t have to worry about installing it. MIT provides excellent support Documentation and curricula for new users. my tutorial on How to use MIT App Inventor Embedded below.


If you want to create an iOS app, Thunkable provides a way to do it in a very similar way to MIT App Inventor. It uses a framework to use jigsaw-like pieces that have commands written on them. Your job is to put the parts together to make your apps work. thinkable It offers step-by-step written and video lessons. A playlist of tutorials for novice app designers is included below.

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