Three ways to focus that help me be more productive

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In the past, I’ve used browser extensions to block websites that distract me from getting work done during my day, but in the end I still found a way to distract myself. Recently, I started using a different approach thanks to the help focusable. Focusable is not a browser extension. Focusable is a tool for training yourself to focus on the work you need to do. So far it has been very useful when there is something I need to do, but I can’t seem to start doing it.

I was using focusable Almost two weeks ago now. Here are the ways she helped me make better use of my time during my workday.

I can do anything for five minutes!
I can do anything for five minutes. I can use those five minutes to mindlessly scroll through Instagram in search of a quick dopamine hit or I can start working on a task that needs to get done. Focusable has helped me use those five minutes to get things done.

in focusable You create something called “success” which is another way of saying goals or tasks you need to complete. Each progression begins with a five-minute slot. Often the first step in getting something done is to just start working on it. Whenever I’ve made progress in the past two weeks, once I’ve completed the first five minutes, I’m ready to continue working on the task at hand. In other words, working just five minutes is enough to get me in a flux to keep working.

No more “I’ll look for a minute” breaks.
Focusable progression has time intervals of five, ten, and twenty minutes (you can adjust the times, but these are the default recommendations). The goal is to work on your task without stopping during those periods of time. Between each block pushes you to focus on thinking and breathing. I’ve found it a fun exercise not to stray from what I’m working on until I hear a buzz from Focusable telling me to stop. Previously, I would stop and take a break whenever I felt like it, which could mean a break after writing a single sentence or two hours after figuring out my way to solving a difficult problem.

Reset with focused rest
For the past month, I’ve been working on a particularly annoying issue with one of my websites. I’ve had moments when I wanted to jam my laptop like a Frisbee! In those moments I need to step away and reset, but not go too far because I will lose momentum afterwards. Focusable was helpful not only in getting me to start when I didn’t want to work on the problem, it was also helpful in reminding me to take a break after thirty-five minutes of working on the problem. At the end of each set of three time blocks, Focusable prompts you to take a ten minute break from your screen.

These focus breaks have also come in handy when I’m feeling annoyed or frustrated while working through my inbox or responding to social media posts. Instead of continuing on a frustrating path that leads me to vent, I have a reminder from Focusable to step away from my screen.

Learn more about Focusable
focusable Appeared this week Practical Education Technology Newsletter. In that newsletter I also included this video It provides an overview of how Focusable works from the teacher’s perspective and from the student’s perspective.

By the way, I used focusable To help me focus on writing this blog post.

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