Three writing detection tools created by AI

If you haven’t heard, AI writing tools is the most popular education technology topic of the year so far. Your students probably use them whether you know it or not. And if your middle or high school is trying to ban them, your students are definitely using it (tell teens what they can’t do and they will).

And just as new AI writing tools are emerging, so are new AI writing detection tools. I’ve tried three of them so far. All three are shown in this short video. Watch the video As embedded below or scroll down to read more about the tools featured in the video.

Video – Three tools for detecting articles by AI

GPTZero It is a free tool for analyzing text to determine if it was written by an artificial intelligence program. There are a few features of GPTZero that make it a bit different from some of the other AI discovery tools I’ve tried. First, in addition to accepting text that you copy and paste into it, GPTZero allows you to upload PDFs, Word documents, and TXT files for analysis. Second, GPTZero will highlight for you the parts of the article that determine a high probability of being written by an AI tool. Third, GPTZero provides a perplexity score and split score to show how the AI ​​tool determined whether or not a document was written or not.
AI text classifier is a free tool from Open AI, the makers of ChatGPT, that will detect if a piece of text has been typed using ChatGPT and similar AI writing tools. To use AI Text Classifier, you need to sign up for a free account on Open AI. Once you have an account, you can use AI Text Classifier. To use AI Text Classifier you simply have to paste a block of writing (at least 1000 characters, approximately 175 words) into the text field and click the submit button. The AI ​​Text Classifier will then sort the writing as very unlikely, unlikely, unclear whether likely, or Possible Written by Amnesty International. For the record, AI Text Classifier is rated My article is about writing detection created by AI It is highly unlikely that it was written by AI.

AI check writing It is a free tool created through the collaborative efforts of the nonprofit organizations and CommonLit. The AI ​​Writing Verifier is a tool created to help teachers attempt to recognize writing that has been created through the use of artificial intelligence. to use AI check writing You simply have to copy a snippet of text of 100 words or more and paste it into the AI ​​typing check. The tool will then tell you whether or not the type was generated by the AI. Thats all about it. AI typing checking is not foolproof and as indicated on the site, students can still develop ways to get around tools designed to detect AI generated writing. It’s also worth noting that it can handle no more than 400 words at a time.

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