tomi offers Privacy Stablecoin and Layer-2 protocol on Ethereum


  • tpUSD will allow users to transact privately.
  • tomi privacy layer (TPL) uses zero proofs to maintain user privacy.
  • tpUSD will be the first TPL token.

tomi, a cryptography project led by eight anonymous crypto veterans, has launched a new Layer-2 protocol encrypted on Ethereum.

Existing ERC20 tokens allow users to see other users’ wallet addresses, balances, and histories, preventing private transactions on the Ethereum mainnet. tomi claims to solve this problem by launching tomi Privacy Layer (TPL), which is an encrypted privacy layer that enables users to hide their information and keep their data private through the use of Zero knowledge assemblies and SNARK proofs.

ZK groups are a file Second layer sizing solution That increases throughput on Ethereum by moving computation and state storage off-chain. ZK-rollups can process thousands of transactions at once and then publish a minimal amount of digest data to the mainnet. This summary data outlines the changes that need to be made to the state of Ethereum and some cryptographic evidence that those changes are correct.

TPL offers users features such as:

  • Privacy: A zero-knowledge dataset built with a privacy-first architecture that enables users to access their favorite apps on L1 while maintaining complete privacy.
  • Accessibility: Transactions through zero-knowledge evidence on Ethereum can reduce transaction costs.
  • Adaptability: Developers can privately use the TPL SDK to transfer funds and interact with the L1 protocol and other services.
  • Expandability: TPL can handle large volumes of transactions with complete privacy.

In addition to the privacy layer product, tomi plans to launch a new privacy stablecoin, the tommy of the US dollar (tpUSD). tpUSD will be the first token on the new Layer-2 network.

TPL and tpUSDC are the latest product in tomi’s broader suite of privacy tools under the tomiNET umbrella.

on the flip side

  • Tomi has not yet announced the exact launch date for its stablecoin.

Why should you bother

One of the most important features of cryptography is privacy, and it was a fundamental aspect of its genesis. Tools to maintain this privacy in the face of tightening regulations are attractive offerings for space enthusiasts.

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