Top 10 must-watch matches of the season


All that remains is to wait.

The NFL offseason is long but the interest in the league is not waning. This is why an annual release of the NFL schedule is such a big deal. Although we know each team’s opponents beforehand, there’s just something about seeing all the games on set dates.

We have the schedule in hand, all Thursday and Monday games, which ones to look forward to on Thanksgiving, each team’s Week 1 competitor and who they’ll play to finish the season in Week 18. In less than four months, we’ll have a regular season for NFL football again. .

Here are the 10 matchups we’re most looking forward to after the NFL schedule is released:

Patrick Mahomes (15) and the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs have some interesting games this season, including a rematch against the Cincinnati Bengals.  (Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Okay, so it’s not one of my top 10 matches on paper. But we will watch. Assuming everything goes as planned, the top two picks in the NFL Draft should be squared off at the quarterback. Bryce Young went with the top pick in the draft to the Panthers and then CJ Stroud was the second pick to Houston. Like all quarterbacks who go 1-2 in the draft, these two will be linked forever.

The Jets and Giants only meet once every four years, and it is very rare for both teams to be playoff rivals when they meet. We don’t know if the Jets and Giants will end up in the playoffs but hopes are high. The Giants had a great season in 2022 with first year head coach Brian Dabul, making the postseason and winning a playoff game. The Jets made a huge unexpected move that they are trading for Aaron RodgersIt would be disappointing if they did not participate in the playoffs. This should be a fun match between two teams that share MetLife Stadium.

For a while, it seemed like the dolphins were taking Toa Tagovailoa more Justin Herbert It might be a draft error all along. It doesn’t look too bad for Miami now that Tagovailoa has kicked off the 2022 season. There are still concussion concerns going forward with Tagovailoa, but as long as he’s on the field, this should be a great showdown between two of the best quarterbacks in the league. American football and a pair of favorites in the Asian Qualifiers.

How many years have we been complaining that the losing Lions give us a bad Thanksgiving game and maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to host the game anymore? This season should be different. Detroit may win the NFC North this season. There’s no guarantee the off-season darling will make it when the games start, but the Lions should be competitive this season. The Lions gave us a good showing last Thanksgiving in a last second loss to the Lions Buffalo billsAnd it must be good for someone else this year.

6. Buffalo Bills at New York Jets, Week 1

It would be weird to see Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uniform. Just as if I could see Brett Favre in a Jets uniform. In Favre’s first game, he caught a 56-yard touchdown pass to Jericho Cotchery and the Jets beat the Miami Dolphins 20-14. We’ll see if Rodgers makes his Jets debut on “Monday Night Football” against division rivals and AFC powerhouse Buffalo. At some point, it wouldn’t seem strange to see Rodgers don No. 8 in Gotham green, but this opening would be amazing.

5. Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals, Week 9

This game will bring back a lot of memories Hamlin devastation The medical situation that led to last season’s cancellation of this match. It will also bring back memories of the Bengals ousting the Bills in the AFC Divisional Divisional Round. It looked like some of the power in the AFC had shifted in that playoff game, but the Bills will be looking to put some power back in this game.

The Eagles are the defending NFC East champions, but the Cowboys didn’t fall far behind last season. This is a classic rivalry, if it is 49ersQuarterback issues not resolved, these two are likely the two best teams in the NFC this season. The two encounters between them should be great theatre.

3. San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles, Week 13

This could be a decisive game. These two teams will come into the season as the NFC favorites. They met in the NFC Championship Game last season, and may again this season. If they meet in the playoffs, that game can determine home court advantage. In that NFC Championship Game, the Eagles defense knocked out their quarterback Brooke Purdy with an elbow injury. The 49ers have had some quarterback questions during the off-season due to that injury, but the hope is they’re completely healthy for this game against the Eagles.

2. Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs, Week 17

The Chiefs have a really interesting schedule. This list can be half Chiefs games. We will limit ourselves to just two. One of them will be a highly anticipated rematch of the AFC Championship. The Bengals pissed off the Chiefs before that game – remember the taunt on ‘Burrowhead’? —but the Chiefs pulled off the dramatic win and went on to claim another Super Bowl. Along the way, the rivalry was born. Considering how good Joe Borough and Patrick Mahomes are coming of age, we are going to see a lot of great encounters between these two teams over the coming years.

1. Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs, Week 11

These two teams had a great showing in Super Bowl LVII and It was the most watched Super Bowl in history. The Eagles must sense there is some unfinished business as they head to Arrowhead Stadium for the rematch. These two teams have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl, and it wouldn’t be too surprising if we got a rare Super Bowl rematch in February.


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