Top things to do in Malta

Are you looking for a beach holiday where there is plenty to explore nearby as well?

Then consider a break to the island of Malta. With stunning scenery and a beautiful coastline, you can sit back and soak up the sun, or explore the history, shops, and vacation activities the area has to offer.

A holiday in Malta is only 3 hours away from United kingdom (and not far from most European destinations), so it makes a great destination for those looking to take a mid-range vacation.

Here is a list of the best places to visit and things to do in Malta.

Best places to visit in Malta

If you are planning a trip to beautiful Malta in southern Europe, know that you will be visiting a place full of rich historical beauty and quaint old world charm.

It is a densely populated country made up of many small towns that blend together into one big country full of stunning scenery that is sure to make for a trip to remember.

As you plan your vacation to this beautiful country and explore the wide range of Malta travel tips, we hope the following list will help you in your travel itinerary.


The capital is a must for anyone who wants to learn about history and feel the real Malta. The capital is located in the central eastern part of the island and the entire city has been awarded UNESCO status as every street, square and church has a story to tell in the history of this country, don’t miss the Hypogeum a fascinating underground insight into the history and long lost past of the Maltese people.

You must make sure to visit Grand Harbour, Valletta. This beautiful harbor will take you back to ancient times with its splendor and natural charm. The Grand Harbour, Valletta is one of the most visited places in Europe and contains many unique hotels for lodging and scenic attractions to take in.

Things to do in Malta, visit Valletta
Valletta, Malta


The ancient capital of the country and, in my opinion, the most picturesque and lively city on the whole island. Known as the Walled City, it takes about an hour to wander the small narrow streets, stopping to take in the wonderful views of the entire island from one of its many vantage points.

Perhaps you could have an extended lunch in one of the bistros, but leave room for some cake to be devoured by the tea gardens at Fontanella, which are high up on the city walls. This small fortified city is so high up that on a clear day you might be lucky to see Mount Etna across the sea in Sicily.

Golden Bay

Escape the crowds looking for little pockets of sand in Bugibba’s tourist areas and hop on a bus across the northwest of the island to Golden Bay, where sand, cliffs, and caves can all be found with minimal fuss. Although you are becoming more touristy, you can still get away from it all by visiting the nearby national park, Take the ferry to CominoOr explore the coastal areas on a speedboat tour or even go horseback riding.

Comino is the ideal travel destination in Malta if you want to experience the clear blue waters. This beautiful island is home to the Blue Lagoon which is a water paradise and is the best place in the Mediterranean to experience the fun of sea time.


If the hot summer sun is relentless, but you think you can manage a short trip outside, head to Mosta on the bus, the main sights of which will take you an hour or so, before you find a cool air-conditioned café to relax in.

The main reason to visit is to see the Mosta Dome (one of the largest unsupported domes in Europe) for its stunning blue, gold and white interior and the replica bomb located next to the changer after the original dome breached the roof of the dome and landed there unexploded during WWII .


Maltas sister island to the north is easily accessible by regular ferries from the northern tip of Malta at Cirkewwa. Aim to spend at least a full day here to make sure you visit Victoria’s capital for shopping and visiting the old jail, cathedral and a whole host of museums.

Hop on the buses that travel extensively around the island to visit the beaches of Ramola Bay and definitely take the time to sample some delicious Gozitan cheeses and wines perhaps in one of the many small towns and villages like Xaghra or Nadur. Before returning to the main island of Malta, Pack a snorkel and enjoy the blue Lake Comino A small island between the two, uninhabited except for the only hotel staff there.

Blue Lagoon, Comino Island, Malta
Blue Lagoon, Comino Island, Malta

Tarxien temples

No trip to this European country would be complete without a visit Tarxien temples. Although the Tarxien temples were built between 2500-3000 BC, 3 of the 4 temples in all their architectural glory have withstood very well over the years. The Tarxien Temples are a must-see for any visitor to Malta.

Things to do in Malta

There are many great things to do in Malta, including enjoying all of the following.


Malta has a selection of golden sands, particularly the northwest Golden Bay A must-visit, rocky cliffs and caves. Whether you are looking to sunbathe, swim or climb through the impressive rock formations, the island offers it all. Another popular beach attraction in Malta is blue cave An area with its gorgeous bright blue waters and grottoes, perfect for swimming or diving in a romantic setting. If you want to explore more, you can explore the beaches Mellieha Bay And the Al-Qura It’s also great and within walking distance of some good resorts and restaurants.

Things to do in Malta - Visit Golden Bay
Golden Bay, Malta


If you are interested in learning about the history of Malta, visit the beautiful capital, Valletta. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; It’s hard not to marvel at the Baroque architecture when walking the charming streets. XVI century Grand Master’s Palace And the awe-inspiring St. John’s Cathedral Also worth a visit. Valletta is one of the best places to enjoy the culture of Malta too, with an overnight visit to Triton Fountain Well worth staying up late – browse the art galleries too, and check out Malta Museum of Fine Arts For a unique outdoor art experience.


For those who enjoy a retail treat on their holidays, Malta offers plenty to keep you busy. There are a number of Traditional souvenir shops To pick up gifts for those back home or there are many chain stores that you will recognize from back home. markets They are also held regularly for local handicrafts and bargains.

night life

Malta has plenty of restaurants and bars to spend your evenings at. Saint Julian’s is the best place to go for clubs, bars and all night party opportunities; For a different experience head to the open air clubs in Medina And the lace. There are also many casinos on the island of Malta if you are stuck on what to do in Malta.

the activities

Aside from sightseeing and shopping, Malta has activities like water sports (try scuba diving, jet skis or banana boats), hiking and glass bottom boat rides!

the food

When you’re on holiday, it’s the perfect excuse to overindulge, and with so many great restaurants around the island, you probably should! Don’t forget to take a sample Traditional Maltese dishes Like fresh fish pie, beef patty, olives, rabbit soup, pâté and goat cheese. Expect to see plenty of fresh seafood on Maltese menus, too. a trip to Marsaxlokk Fish Market It will show you an abundance of the wonderful fresh seafood that the sea around the island has to offer!

Things to do in Malta - Marsaxlokk Market
Marsaxlokk, Malta

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