Track White Sox AL Central and Wild Card standings, playoff odds

Track White Sox standings, playoff odds Originally appeared NBC Sports Chicago

The White Sox match predictions look bleak.

The Guardians defeated the White Sox 8-2 Wednesday to win a three-game series this week on the South Side. The Sox got off to a sloppy start and basically a healthy Cleveland team took full advantage.

The Clevelands are close to securing AL Central, and while the White Sox are still sportingly alive in the split and wild card races, they are quickly falling back.

Here’s everything you need to know about where the White Sox stands in the final picture with 13 games left.

AL Central Standings (until Tuesday)

1. Guardians: 82-67

2. White Sox 76-73 (six back games)

3. Twins: 73-75 (8 1/2 return games) *

4. The Royal Family (eliminated)

5 – Tigers (elimination)

– * Game in progress when Guardians-White Sox went to the final

AL Wild Card Ranking (Top 3 Qualify)

1. Blue Jays: 84-64 (+2 1/2 games) *

2 – Sailors: 81-66 **

3. Rays: 82-67

4. Orioles: 77-71 (4 1/2 games)

5. White Sox 76-73 (six back games)

– ** The game was in progress when the Guardians-White Sox went to the final

– *late game

Showdown Records (Tie-breaker)

Guardians: 11-7 vs White Sox (tie break tiebreaker)

White Sox: 2-4 vs. Blue Jays (lost tie-break), 4-2 vs. Mariners (win), 4-2 vs. Rays (win), 2-5 vs. Orioles (lost)

Should there be any fixtures in the standings, the head-to-head encounter will be the first playoff of the season. There will be no 163 second game.

magic number

Guardians’ magic number for winning division is eight.

The White Sox’s elimination number in the Wild Card Race is nine.

Play-off odds

The Guardians had a 96.8% chance of winning AL Central as of Wednesday night, according to FanGraphs, compared to the White Sox’s 3.2%.

The White Sox had a 2.9% chance of snatching a wild card as of Wednesday night.

The remaining tables

Guardians (13 matches): At White Sox (one), Rangers (three), vs Rays (three), vs Royals (six).

White Sox (13 games): Against the Guardians (one), against the Tiger (three), at the Twins (three), at the Padres (three), against the Twins (three)

Twins (13 games): At Royals (one), vs. Angels (three), vs. White Sox (three), at Tiger (three), at White Sox (three)

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