Tres Drops Music NFT Collection channel with 5,550 songs on OpenSea

NFT Artist omgkirby Join rapper and producer Channel Tres to present NFT’s unique music collection of 5,550 songs. Big launch Happening on September 22, 2022. Compton-born singer-songwriter Sheldon Young, better known as Chanel Trace, is best known for his single “Topdown”. Now, music lovers and NFTs are ready to enjoy NFT’s unique music collection.

Early Bird gets the worm plus a discount

Interestingly, NFT . Mint Table It leaves a six-hour gap between the generic mint and the exclusive NFT mount, which will also cost less. For example, the OMG Genesis NFT will be offered first and they will pay just 0.045 ETH (Ethereum), which turns out to be around $60. The limit is set to 1:1 against the NFT configuration token.

Two hours later, at 8pm on September 22, 2022, OMG PFP owners will be able to mint their NFT channels into the Tres channel. The minting will set NFT enthusiasts $87, or 0.065 Ethereum (Ethereum). Last but not least, OMG Kirby & Channel Tres friends and family will be able to issue their NFTs at 10:00, two hours before the public mint event.

5,500 songs are ready for commercial use through NFTs

The omgkirby x tres channel The NFT kit comes fully loaded with hits, each Produced and performed by Trace Channel. Furthermore, NFT owners will be able to use the music for commercial use. For example, NFT fans will have the legal right to upload the purchased track to Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer or any other royalty-paying music streaming platform.

Of course, NFT music can be used for your creativity, for example, a podcast, a YouTube channel intro, or even a TV show, similar to the way an actor does. Seth Green intended to use his lost and existing boredom monkey.

Ultimately, as an OpenSea spokesperson said, “history will be made” on September 22, 2022. The first-ever drop of ETH (Ethereum) NFT will occur throughout the day, with other well-known artists besides omgkirby in the digital art world of NFT such as Hypemoon and fxnction drops their NFT groups as well.

The upcoming Channel Tres x omgkirby NFT collection brings the latest technology to the masses. Distribution of songs through NFTs including commercial licensing could set a new trend in the music industry.

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